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Co-host wanted for chat-game
I'm hosting a little chat-game in a Discord Server and would like some help, preferably from someone who's been on AF/JV enough with a good reputation and with a considerable amount of free time.
The Game's Setting:

"The year is 2100. The World's resources have been exploited carelessly... Animals, ores, and plants. A shady company, "Darkshades" despite being infamous, dominates the market worldwide, and rumors of missing people are heard from each corner of the street."

The game mostly respects real life, with some changes here and there (Better technology, Fictional Locations). The world also lacks some natural life.

How the game works:

It's a cooperative RPG following a linear story taking inspiration from the Mario & Luigi and Earthbound/Mother series.

The game has a bot that will share a combination of 3 letters with Z, X, C and V. I.E: XCX. If the player says it before 2 seconds pass they'll deal their Offense as damage, otherwise their deal 50%.


What you will do:

Help me develop the story and the game's content discussing it with me before we actually work on it. The game's instructions and plot are in the server and I'll gladly invite you if you're interested so you can take a look, there are some things I have in mind to write for the story so we'd have to talk about it.

Obviously this is a passion project and all and this blog sounds ambiguous, so if that little information sounds ok to you, please reply and I'll PM you a discord invite.
Aw hell.

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