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Venezuela right now
We're going through protests and Juan Guiadó is trying to become the new president, he was already recognized as legitimate by a lot of countries.

The streets are empty and stores are closed.

This could change things forever...

Here's your venezuelan post btw Last post.
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I hope everything turns out ok there.
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I heard parts of the press conferences from both Guaidó and Maduro earlier today. It was... interesting. Maduro was very smart in pretending that he was a victim and giving a calm message of peacefulness and unity ­— someone hearing both speeches without knowing what has been going on for the past two decades would undoubtedly believe that Maduro is the victim here.

Which is scary.
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Thanks for posting man
(2019-01-29 00:03:58)last post Wrote: Thanks for posting man

You're welcome.

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