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How to make it easier to get paid-leave?

According to OP above, they posted an experience when they got one. They said it very difficult to get one, considering how not to disturb co-workers. During their vacation, however, they seriously worried about progress of their projects, jobs, etc. Eventually they did not relax at all. The next day, after vacation, they regret having got one.

According to some replies, many people have met such the similar experiences.

So, what's the best way to make it easier for anyone who are very serious at their jobs and anyone who are forced to do a lot of hard jobs to get paid leave?
Also can we promote the conclusion to them?
I can't read a word from your source (which is unsurprising, since it's in a foreign language!), but the simple answer is, your country has a massive issue with overworking and this is just a symptom.
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