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write something about yourself
This forum would be much better if we wrote something about ourselves to get to know one another, instead of just shitposting all day.

You all know me as ProClifo, but my name in real life is Steffen, as some of you may know. I am from Norway and I'm currently studying history in a Norwegian university. Studying is hard and tiring, but I try to stay motivated and I really hope I don't have to flunk out. I hope to study in Scotland as an exchange student one day. Also, I really like kids, and I like working in kindergardens and elementary schools. It gives me a lot of joy and energy.

What about you? Tell us something about yourself. Feel free to have a discussion with another member in the thread as well.
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I'm Ali, studying accounting and about to graduate after another semester. No idea what I'm going to do after that because Accounting is not really something I am passionate about. Something I am actually passionate about is Psychology because I enjoy helping people and the topic has always interested me. I am considering going back to school for Psychology after a year of working in accounting if I don't like it. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing yugioh, browsing reddit and going to the gym.

Also, I once made hundreds of squirrel themed accounts to spam the Pr2 chat on February the 5th.
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
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I'm Robin Hood, and I have an addiction to spamming. I'm looking for a job nearby, but I'm not having much luck. I remain optimistic though. I would like a job dealing with old school video games since they are interesting to me, although at this point I would take about any job. You might have once known me as named444 or Sheepit on JV, I was not very nice. I felt like Acid Forums was the perfect opportunity to redeem my behavior, so to speak. We all say stupid stuff though, I guess. Hmm, what else? I like birds, I like Robin Hood by Disney (obviously), I like walking in the rain, I like Neopets, I like dogs, I like listening to music, and I like staying active in forums.
For as long as I can remember, I've had memories.

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I'm Ena, former usernames you may recognise me by are inuyasharox, animebubble and Exodus.
My real name is Melanie, and I live in Victoria, Australia. I'm currently a third-year university student studying Secondary Education/Arts, majoring in Literature with a minor in Politics and Criminology. I'd like to say that I grew up on the JV/PR2 community, being around 10 when I first joined through PR2, to 13 when I joined JV and started modding, and eventually 18 when I started to enter the adult world and became quite inactive here. I'm now 20, on the cusp of finishing my degree, starting a career, and fully diving into adult life.
I definitely haven't always shown my best side to this community, and I am deeply sorry for anyone I offended or caused trouble to back in the day. It's tough growing up! I still value all the interactions I've had, and lessons learned, and this is a place I feel I can never truly forget about.
Right now I spend a lot of my time playing Pokemon Go, and am involved in helping run and organise lots of community events/chats/groups. It's actually really fun, and I like the fact that I'm getting to enjoy the game and the sense of community I had with you guys but in the real world. Like all communities, that definitely hasn't been without its dramas either, but at the end of the day I always have good friends beside me.
If anyone here is ever in my neck of the woods, give me a shout if you want to catch up!

• єиα •
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I'm Userkid. Formerly known as 'TheWicked'.
I live in England and I'm currently a second-year university student studying History and also working part-time at a supermarket. I'm not particularly interested in the field of study and am pretty clueless as to what I'll be looking to do afterwards. Perhaps I'll become a teacher? But even that prospect seems too dull for my liking. Life has just become a lot more boring lately and sadly at the mere age of twenty now, since my birthday was two days ago, I think I am finally bored of 'gaming' in general.
I got into AF through connections via PR2. 
I wasn't the most mature person. I get a bit 'hot-headed', 'provoked, 'emotional', or however you may want to describe it at times, and it sometimes made me spew out nasty words I later regretted ._.

I'm also quite lonely and I'm not embarrassed to admit that ^^. Oh, I love to sing and I'm always listening to music.

King of loneliness (and cringe) himself ^^:
Edit: I really like this thread idea. Nice one ProClifo

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I'm GodJob, better known as Good Job Man. I've been pretty inactive recently due to school and other stuff. I'm on my 4th year of undergrad, graduating next month. I'm majoring in Psychology and used to be interested in the field of Clinical Psychology, but thought about it more recently and I'm starting to feel like I may not be capable of helping people. I want to work as a psychiatric technician for a year after I graduate and go back to school to major in computer science instead of going to grad school for clinical psych.
I also used to be extremely immature on the forums and made stupid decisions irl (still do) but I like to think I've gotten far from that.
Other than that, I am extremely passionate about playing guitar and I play for a technical death metal band.
And most importantly, I do a good job, man
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I absolutely suck at writing about myself, but let's give it a shot.

Everyone online knows me as aaaaaa123456789 or ax6; I've never used my real name for various reasons. I'm 27 years old, and I have a degree in systems engineering. I've been a hobby programmer for the past 19 years, but I decided against working in the field because I didn't like typical commercial development environments; I'm currently working as an IT security consultant.

JV/PR2 was my first online community, and I was there since 26 March 2011 until it shut down. That means I've been around you people for 8 years. Even though I'm significantly older than the community average, it has always been a nice place I could be around. The feeling of a community has always been quite strong, which is what led me to opening this forum two weeks after JV shut down.

My life IRL is quite uneventful, since I'm perfectly happy spending a lot of my free time on my computer. Nowadays my online attention is split between this community, the TwitchPlaysPokemon community, and a few Game Boy/GBA development groups.

And given how long it took me to write this post, I still suck at talking about myself. I'm much better at answering questions, so feel free to message me if you're curious about anything.
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

This forum has been around for (loading...)
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I'm Residays. 18 years old venezuelan male, I joined JV around 2013 I think... it took me a long while to grow up under a disastrous life and being an aspergers without knowing, but I try my best to be the best person I can now.

My hobbies include chatting, hosting chat-games to express my creativity, playing videogames and foruming.

I started learning english through untranslated videogames, and then finally got a chance to take a course when I was about 13 years old.

I'm not happy with my life at all, but that's a story for another time. You can always check my blogs, I guess.
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My name is Uptight 534 or Joseph (or Joe (slight preference since I am the definition of the average Joe, but I am pretty indifferent to either). 

I joined the PR2 community in I think 2008 (I remember how I signed up, but not the specific date) at eleven (?) years old. I kind of bummed around the game, some Xat chats, free websites by PR2 players, and PR3Knights (or something like that). Early September 2010, I decided to join JV at the age of thirteen after remembering PR2 existed after ~6 months to a year of not playing and have stuck to the community since.

Currently I am twenty-one and living in the United States. I am in my third year at university studying aviation to become a professional pilot, as well as a minor in theatre (two complete opposites right there). For aviation, I hold a private pilot certificate and an instrument rating for airplanes in the "single-engine land" category. The next certificate I am working on is becoming a commercial pilot and then moving on to adding a multi-engine rating add on. My long-term goal is to become an airline pilot, preferably at a cargo airline, but I am open to anything such as a commuter airline, corporate, or crop dusting.

With the theatre, I work on the technical side of productions. I work in my school's scene shop building sets and also working with lighting (hanging lights, moving lights, wiring, etc.). I have considered acting, but I cannot make that commitment due to aviation.

Back on JV I guess I was "slightly" (huge emphasis) known as being one of the big sports guys. That kind of went away once I entered university due to my friend group, schoolwork, and my knees. I used to run a lot, but I now walk and cycle when I get my bike overhauled. I also dabble in tennis when I go home and the only sport I mainly follow is NASCAR.

Other miscellaneous hobbies include: Table Tennis, cooking, video games, "Dungeons & Dragons", and my love for parentheses (things I notice after proofreading).
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Nice variety of responses here.

Hey, pretty much all of you know me as Dutany. My real name is Joep, I'm from the Netherlands, 23 years old. Joined JV in February 2009, so this whole thing has been part of my life for over 10 years now, which is kinda crazy when you think about it. I'm happy with always having people to talk to online, from JV, to here, to the various random chatrooms, Skype contacts, Discord contacts/group and the million pages thread where I talk to people from time to time.

Now that we've got all that stuff out of the way, I'm currently studying Data Science at university which basically involves a lot of maths and computer science. I'm only in my first year because a lot of stuff happened in the past couple of years and I wasn't really feeling great about my life and circumstances didn't help either. Over the past year I've greatly improved my life though I still sometimes struggle with regret of feeling like I wasted a couple of years of my life in a way. It affects my day to day life quite a lot which is why I mention it.

In my free time I listen to a lot of music of all kinds, though the majority is either indie/indie electronic or some kind of electronic music, ranging from dubstep to house to hardstyle, whatever mood I might be in. I also taught myself how to play the guitar with the help of online lessons and create some music myself from time to time on my computer, though I haven't done much of that in the past couple of months, at least not as much as I'd like. I love going to concerts and festivals, the atmosphere of live music with a crowd is amazing.

I also like to stay active. I play football (soccer) at a local club and go running from time to time since practice gets cancelled a lot lol. I tend to walk whenever my destination isn't too far and I have time to do so. I used to be obese, but started losing weight two years ago and have been maintaining at a healthy weight for one year and a couple months now. Health has become quite important to me as I realized how precious it is after seeing my dad go through his illness (he sadly passed a year and 4 months ago).

Other than those things, I spend most of my time watching series, movies, youtube videos, playing some games, and going out for drinks with friends. I'd like to be a bit more diverse in what I do but don't really know how to get out there and find new experiences and wouldn't really know what to do either.
Working on a better future
[Image: WkuV46j.png]
All kinds of shitty music:
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I figure I should give a go at this. While I won't give away any precise personal information (lest it be linked to my real life through some means, you never know), I'm happy to oblige some of my personal details here because this community has lasted long enough that we should know who's really behind these usernames we run into here.

I go by Northadox now, but some of you may remember me on Jiggmin's Village by Vex, Dingdaga, or SmexxyPlunger (also the name of my current Platform Racing 2 account). I'm a 17-year old American. Judging by the badge-earn times on Kongregate, I first joined Platform Racing 2 sometime around July of 2010, so my total time spent on a Jiggmin-created or inspired platform has been approaching a decade. However, I wouldn't formally join Jiggmin's Village until early February of 2013, though I do recall lurking the forums prior. This would mean that I was below the age of 13 at the time, violating the COPPA implementation on the site, but let's be honest, you've all bypassed age restrictions on the internet at least once, and now that the place is defunct it doesn't matter.

I recall fondly how many Jiggmin users had characters they created to be used as avatars, and they'd all live together in the village. I was no stranger to this, having three characters I used as avatars, matching my name changes. SmexxyPlunger was a plunger with some cutesy features and appendages. Dingdaga was a quarter note with a Ralts (a Pokemon, one of my favorites) as its partner, and Vex, my most notorious creation, was a bandana-wearing green-vested seasoned ninja terrorist with a vast weapon arsenal hidden inside said vest. Notably, Vex himself appeared in Verdusk's game, Jiggshot. I'm grateful to see that some of the vagabonds here still have these characters as part of their identity, and if I had to pick a favorite out of the village, it'd probably be Player Z, or Z3D, however he goes by now. Out of boredom, here's a group shot of the three characters.

I cherished the time I spent on Jiggmin's Village - the forum games, such as FinalCheetah's iterations of Roll to Dodge, I've adored. I hosted Roll to Dodge 3, which had an incredibly shallow premise, and did not last very long at all. I did establish my own forum games, such as the Dot series, where I would have a picture with a single pixel, and I would ask the users on the forum to build upon that, introducing game mechanics as i went along. This was also coupled by a bunch of awful, abominably cringy things that I used to post there, which were rightfully lambasted (fecal projection, what a joke...). I also remember being firmly invested in one of Jiggmin's newer experiments, Futurism, a card game where you were able to create your own deck. Not to brag, but I think I may have even been one of the best players within its tiny community! Get dunked on, Nerdon! Of course, I did continue to adore Platform Racing 2, and Jiggmin's Motley Monday videos, by far the highlight of any Monday - if they ever did come out on a Monday. I even meddled with Platform Racing 3 a bit, but found it unenjoyable due to the infamously horrid platform that was Lagworkz. And when Jiggmin published that PR4 teaser, younger me went absolutely nuts. Even now, I still go absolutely nuts hearing the remixed lobby music with the new instruments.

Of course, not all good things can last forever. After a few more iterations of Roll to Dodge hosted by other community members, I decided to take up the mantle again, with Roll to Dodge VIII, by far my most ambitious forum project. Teenage me was not prepared for how much writing and planning I would have to do. Upon writing about some dojo for a player's action, I gave up all hope, and ghosted the project and the Jiggmin community. Apologies to this one guy on Reddit.

This was a grave mistake, as I missed the closure of the Jiggmin site due to my voluntary absence. It was not until sometime in December 2015 I was thinking about the community one day which led me to the aforementioned subreddit, and from a post there, that's where I discovered Acid. I've mostly abandoned my persona of yore here, and in its wake I've dropped a lot of equally cringy political garbage and poorly-constructed arguments, in a highly controversial election time. While I can't say my leanings have completely reversed, I know damn well that I shouldn't go picking political skirmishes as a person who can't even vote in said elections.

PR3R was also birthed on Acid. While I never had any fond memories of the game, I am sincerely grateful of the revival effort of isokissa3 and his crew, which has breathed new life in the game and achieved heights that the Platform Racing franchise has never reached. New hats, new levels, new mechanics - it's a joy to witness. It's a shame that the playerbase is nearly non-existent, and never as bustling as PR2's servers were back in the golden age during primetime, with Derron being completely full, and four player campaign matches happening every second. While the revival effort is a bit unpolished in some places, it's great that the legacy of Jiggmin's creations still live on.

Acid Forums also discovered, one of Jiggmin's new sites, that he completely failed to advertise to the displaced community. There, he advertised the failure of PR4, and plans for the future, alongside hosting a newer forum on some really hard to use framework. However, no one seriously used this forum, but a good thing did come out of the site that I helped orchestrate, alongside a developer (GambitAnimating) of PR3R - a visual update of Jiggmin, and his new wife, Tiffany (or as she went on the forums, clock88), which helped prove as legit as a $6.50 dollar bill. Besides this, I didn't do anything else on of merit, and the site itself didn't last very long.

With dying, and the Platform Racing/Jiggmin community becoming even further displaced, out came the newly crowned admin of PR2, bls1999, with his site While opinions of this new site have been highly controversial here, I think he's proved himself worthy of running a site with such a name, reviving all of Jiggmin's creations and putting them all in one place on the site, with a layout that's very nostalgic to me. While there are several notable omissions I would really, REALLY like to see (Futurism in particular, holy fuck), only time will tell if these can truly come back. Bls, late last year, also managed to decompile Platform Racing 2's source code and finally release new updates, nearly five years after the last one. I've made a few of my own suggestions that I would like to see in the game, and recently, a suggestion of mine has made it into the game, in the form of a part/hat guide and tracker.

However minute what I've just talked about may be, I hope I've made an impact to someone in this community, somehow. For the past 6 years I've been involved, I've always cherished the community that spawned itself from Jiggmin's creations. It's like a remnant of the older internet to me - a simple community who are fans of a guy's Flash games. And yes, while the platform is outdated, insecure, and about to be phased out, I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can while it lasts, and I can only hope that Platform Racing Forever finally comes out and unifies the community to some degree, even if people have "grown out" of the franchise.

Outside of the Jiggmin community, I've got a few interests, mainly video games and art. It's mostly Nintendo and PC games for me, though if there's a game on another platform that really interests me, I'll be sure to get around to playing it. In terms of art, I don't think of myself as anywhere close to being good, but I find enjoyment in being able to create pictures of what my mind is thinking.

Not much else to say, though. I'm still in high school, work at a soulless corporate retail job, and I'd like to think I have serious plans for the future, but there's nothing concrete. All I wish to do is to make an impact somehow, however minor. Maybe it'll be some grand creative project. But I don't know for sure.

TL;DR: PRF when, Neverending Light Parts 2/3 when, Futurism revival when
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It's my turn. I honestly don't prefer to write such the long (and logical) sentences.

I'm SouthAnd960. I'm on electricity and information engineering department of college of technology. I live in Japan. Since on elementary school, I used to play a lot of flash games almost every day until I entered the college. At that time I used not to have any ideas about English at all, so I had no ideas what they were saying. Ones of my most favourite flash games were: Platform Racing 2, N, Everybody Edits, and so on. Out of them, PR2 helped me getting English communication a lot. I used to make a lot of levels (most of them were rated very low, though, because of designing, I think) when I used to play PR2 every day. I used not to good at beating trap and frustration levels because of low-spec of computer. BTW though I don't play PR2 any more, I still remember when I signed up: 3rd Sep. 2012.

It was around May of 2015 that I joined old JV. At that time I used to try to get how the forums worked. I used to be an admin of PR2 wiki. I used to maintain there, though I didn't have enough motivation.

In the year two things surprised me a lot: one is that JV gets down in just three months after I joined, and the other is that I suddenly become a famous person on YouTube. At that time I was immature, and did not even think it a honour, at all.

It was February 2016 that I found AF. I was glad to see the familiar place again.

... it's midnight, let's continue tomorrow.... I've waken her up....
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I'm Cavelord Verdusk, but my previous PR2/JV-era usernames were LeoGautama (blue PR2 racer) and Freezicle (light blue stickman with cape)

[Image: 4NQErjr.png]
Freezicle as seen in Neroland. (rightmost one)

I've been working in JV for a long time as a memesmith and occasional shitposter, my member id was 9029. (PooZy was 500 for reference). I started off as a lurker for some time in JV before finally decided to register and start posting from very rarely, as I didn't really know what to do and wasn't good at English too.

My hobby is/was creating computer games, I have some flash games uploaded on Newgrounds and Kongregate (though they're old now), back in JV era I created the bullet hell featuring JV characters, Jiggshot, it's unfinished/abandoned but has a good amount of content in the last version. I don't make games anymore lately due to reasons and be doing other things, but I'll get back to it someday. I play the electric piano and like video game music and also has an interest in foreign languages too. (Wouldn't mind a casual language exchange with any of you folks here maybe through Discord, I speak Indonesian and Japanese if you're interested just leave me a message or reply)

Real life, I'm 20 years old (almost 21) Indonesian who ended up in mediocre Japanese university in the countryside, 2nd year of Computer Science major. My hobbies are all indoors, so I spent a lot of time in my room whether doing productive hobbies or just chilling. Hence, Cavelord.

I don't tend to relate much to my fellow nationals, except for the fact that I like spicy foods.

I always wanted to be an indie game dev, but I guess I might end up as just another programmer, if only at first. Or maybe it can be a side thing. I like roguelike games, and sometimes strategy. I want to make a sort of RPG or roguelike game one day where the content (story, plot, characters) are mostly generated, to a greater extent than your average roguelike someday. I'm also interested in edutainment/gamification of learning or just effective apps for learning in general, think a program that generates problems for your high school physics/chemistry/maths exercises, for example, so you can get an infinity supply of exercise problem to make sure you very thoroughly understand how a chapter works, or experiment on other ones, with options like difficulties and such.

The reason for that is that I still remember how middle school, high school was practically being forced to learn a bunch of stuff you're not necessarily even interested in, so anything to make that period easier for everyone would be awesome. But this is just one of those interests I'll probably not go around to do anything related to, game dev-ing still takes priority. Still, I have some interest in the education field.

Oh, and my PR2 name is LeoGautama, I have a lot of levels, a lot of races but also some brutal traps levels, ecks dee.
I don't have a sicknature
YouTube (original music) | Newgrounds (games)
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I have trouble typing stuff and I type to slow,
It all begins with Flash in 2003, the first onilne game I had played had to be toontown disney online or milsburry
the first forum I had gone to was roblox back in 07 me and my brothers was randomly spamming the fourm for no reason
maybe it was becuase we couldn't make sentences at all, so we just typed random letters and send them
also back-then my brother created many random places on roblox, these places was called random names
as I can remember, we signed up for random flash games like habbo (also back in 07)

The first time I had played platform racing was 07 it was platform racing 1, I completed the whole campaign without cheating, tbh it was a really boring game.... anyways my brother had joined pr2 before I had, he made a few places like a ship, I made kind of alot of levels like the "need for speed" (A long time typing later....)

I joined pr3 at the very beginning when it was still a demo I signed up for sparkworkz then 2 years later I gotten banned on pr2 for a really stupid reason...... SENDING DEAD HACKED LINKS!?!?!?!?
I was young so I over reacted and this was my first time ever getting banned for something but it was for a stupid reason... so I bugged usb hub to "Unban me" I also was on the pr3 level chat forums at the time "Spamming" stuff, then a game called "Minecraft" was poping up everywhere they was saying that it was highly additive and that it won many awards for being a "great game" I first had seen gameplay of a map of zelda that was in minecraft aka minecrap, this map didnt really look like a map from zelda at all I then said "It looked like somebody their copied heads of evil and torn the game into little piaces that also looked like a pile of garbage that came from the roust man ass" I then took action and made "Minecratf suck the game"
becuase I highly hated the game, I would also say that I wanted to delete minecraft code and wiped it from the internet so nobody would have to go though the
same eye stain I want though looking at it. It made me sick to even hear or see the words "minecraft" being all over the internet...

and that`s it

                                               life is a ? ¡s it

confussed isnt u  

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Hey Big Grin
        You may know me as Camer999 as I went by that for about a decade until last month where I changed it to Camer the Cola Dragon which is now my name online. I joined PR2 in July 2009 (I forget which day exactly, I think it was either the 4th, 11th or 14th) after one of my friends at school told me about it. Over the Summer of 2009 I played PR2 a lot with my friends but after that they mostly left apart from one of my friends who played longer (Until ~2011/2012, you'll know him as Chma). I played PR2 loads on Kong until 2011 when I played it on JV as I was curious as to what the "" bit in the opening was and I liked it better on JV as there weren't a million ads slowing it down like on Kong Dodgy I saw JV at this time but didn't join as you needed to be 13 so I kinda forgot about the forum section until the end of the summer in 2013 where I joined on the 2nd of September 2013.
        At this point I started to play PR2 less (not every day) because of the diminishing activity, although I'd still play semi-regularly. I didn't really know what to use as an avatar so I just used smiley faces since I loved using the smilies and still do Tongue I started to play PR2 less and less due to the really low player count and was sad about it Sad I stayed on JV though as I liked it, but I still remember going on JV on the 30th of July 2015 at around midday and it not connecting, I thought it was a temporary issue but as more time passed I realised that JV had, without warning, gone down forever. That's when I stopped playing PR2 as I didn't want to play it on Kong and knowing JV died I thought it'd only be a matter of time before PR2 followed, especially with the low player count Cry
        About a week or two after JV died, I really fortunately remembered someone once mentioning a subreddit of JV Idea (I forget who or where), so I made a reddit account (I knew what reddit was before this since polandball). When I saw the post mentioning this forum I joined because I didn't like the fact that the communication between people I semi-knew online and liked talking to and me was just cutoff without any warning and I wanted to be on a forum site with the people I knew before Big Grin 
        Because the activity on this site started to go a bit I wasn't coming on as frequently (and after I went to uni I didn't come on at all). This was in September 2018. At this point I wasn't on JV, I wasn't on PR2 and I wasn't on here and so I thought I'd never really see it again Sad I was kinda sad that most online stuff from before was gone. I came back on here for a bit over the Christmas holidays but I didn't really feel it as it was literally just the MPT and the no SSL Dodgy was the final reason I was never gonna come back here.
        Around mid-January 2019 I was re-watching one of TumTum's videos: "Broken Jiggmin Games Gameplay" because I like that one it's pretty funny Tongue and I liked watching it maybe every few months for nostalgia. I looked in the comments and I saw one from "Ben Suchwow" who I remembered was bls1999, I wondered if he had any PR2 videos from a while ago and so I clicked his channel and there were recent ones! I didn't really pay any attention to what they were even so I didn't even notice that he was an admin or the new Motley Monday Revival videos. I just subscribed and turned on notifications and forgot about it.
        On the 11th of February 2019 I got a new notification, I get loads a day since I'm subbed to loads of channels but this one was different, it was bls who'd uploaded and it was "Motley Monday Revival 12 - Doing the Impossible". My first thought was "woah! bls is making his own Motley Monday that's really cool Big Grin" my next were, "wait, what does he mean by doing the impossible and why is he making Motley Monday vids?" so I watched it and realised that he'd gotten PR2's code back and had updated it Big Grin I played PR2 again to see what it was like. It still had low player count but I hadn't played in 3-4 years so I wanted to try it again. The video from bls also made me realise there was another forum (JV2) and a discord for PR2. The discord is why I still play PR2, knowing even if there's a low player count there are still other people who Heart PR2 (and I hope Platform Racing Forever will come out and be popular or at least semi-popular). I also like the discord as it's most likely gonna be more reliable than a couple of forum sites, so if one or even both go down I still have discord to keep in touch with people Smile
        One day on PR2 after I came back I got a PM (I think I was simming lmao). The PM was from someone called AVGN saying they wanted me to come back here, I didn't know who they were and was confused Huh so I asked and it was Mystery (Now Robin Hood) and I was kinda split whether to come back to this forum, but knowing there were some people who wanted me back I came back ( even with no SSL Dodgy ). That pretty much brings me to today, in March I changed my name on most sites from Camer999 to Camer the Cola Dragon. Heart
        For the future I love that bls is reviving the old games, I did like futurism back when it first came out but I didn't really draw anything back then so I wasn't good at the making your own cool cards' pictures bit, so if/when bls revives it then it'll be cool to be able to make some actual cards I like, maybe some jokey MSPaint ones which I like drawing and also some of my fursona Tongue I hope Jiggmin makes a PR4 this time, in the form of Platform Racing Forever which seems to be a kind of PR2+ but not in flash which sounds really exciting Big Grin

        IRL I'm 18, called Cameron (as you probably could've guessed from "Camer" lol, I'm not good at making names), from England and currently at 1st year in Uni doing Maths (I hope to go on and do a PhD after I get a degree). The only good colours are clashing bright colours and I like cola way too much Angel Usually for free time I watch YouTube, play PR2, randomly look at Wikipedia or chat either on here, discord or JV2. I hate stuff like suits and posh shirts so I always just wear T-Shirts and Jogging bottoms Cool
        I don't do sports myself and don't really watch them unless it's international sports (Country VS Country), then I'll watch basically any sport. The Olympics are my favourite as there's loads of different sports to watch over about a fortnight, even if it is sometimes on at annoying times in the morning, like last time in Rio I'd stay up till 5am each day and seeing as 2020 is in Tokyo I see some early mornings and early bedtimes coming Tongue
        My favourite game ever is PR2 due to both how fun it is and the nostalgia of 2009 when Derron and Carina would always be full so me and my friends would play on Fitz, as even Grayan would be full sometimes. My favourite character from a game has gotta be Asriel from Undertale Big Grin

There's probably more I could say, but I forget a lot of stuff sometimes Tongue I'll just edit it into this post if I do remember anything else Rolleyes
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(2019-04-16 20:32:40)Camer the Cola Dragon Wrote: you'll know him as Chma

I know him as Mango Sundae Guy

Didn't know you're a maths guy, that's cool
I don't have a sicknature
YouTube (original music) | Newgrounds (games)
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This thread is so wholesome
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
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Been looking at these the past few days and finally decided to post.

Hi, I'm Stxtics but my IRL name is Matt. I'm 17 and currently in college living in the UK.

I joined PR2 in May 2011 (just missed out on age of heroes) on an account called Spiro9988 and played from time to time over the years. I never knew about the forums and stuff and I'm sad that I missed out on it as it looked like a lot of fun, although I probably would've said some stupid stuff so in a way it's a good thing. In 2016 I decided to revisit PR2 as I'd gotten a new PC but I used an account called Rigby3 more than Spiro9988 so you may also know me like that. Anyway turns out I ended up sticking around and I did a lot of folding deals for people. In total, I folded over 30 million and never even folded myself a 5th. This got me into simming and stuff so I have a lot of 50+ alts that I never use. Skip over to 2017 and I got trial modded at the start of November and full modded on the 17th I think. I've been a mod ever since now and it surprises me how fast the time has gone.

Anyway more about me. In college, I'm studying Maths, Computer Science and Chemistry. I wanted to do Physics instead of Chemistry but my college wouldn't let me because my average GCSE grades were not high enough (apparently people who have a lower average grade than what they wanted struggle with Physics). I've got my exams in about 7 weeks and they finish on the 19th of June. After college, I don't plan on going to Uni and I'm going to get a job/apprenticeship hopefully around Computing.

I can't really think of much more to say. I could go into more depth about what happened with the folding deals on PR2 but I don't really want to.

I'm not so active on here but I do look at some threads, I'm more active on JV2/PR2/Discord so that's where you'll see me.
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I like anime
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(2019-04-15 17:21:34)Dootany Wrote: Now that we've got all that stuff out of the way, I'm currently studying Data Science at university which basically involves a lot of maths and computer science. I'm only in my first year because a lot of stuff happened in the past couple of years and I wasn't really feeling great about my life and circumstances didn't help either. Over the past year I've greatly improved my life though I still sometimes struggle with regret of feeling like I wasted a couple of years of my life in a way. It affects my day to day life quite a lot which is why I mention it.

Hey man at least you're improving now and have some sort of direction in your life. There are plenty of people that would just continue to waste time without even realizing it or caring.
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
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