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EFO Sprites
Don't know what EFO is? Click here.

Been doing some work on EFO: The Video Game Version and I've finally got the board tech working perfectly. Creating a board takes a while currently, but I'll streamline it later, probably creating a program that creates waypoints on the board somewhere down the line. So now I'm starting to work on the sprites for the game board and I want your input.

Pick if you prefer the old format or the new one for these sprites. I decided to make the board spaces look more intense based on the number of stars they have in the new format. The new format sprites are smaller and don't have the square backing yet, but don't let that influence your decision, I just want to see if I'm on the right track, is all.

The proposed change is that the Dreadling baring its fangs in the old version is now a Dreadling that's prowling towards the screen and revealed for what it is on the 5th version. Just imagine viewing at it crawling towards you in a ventilation duct or something, idk.

Old format encounter sprite

New format encounter 1 sprite
New format encounter 2 sprite
New format encounter 3 sprite
New format encounter 4 sprite
New format encounter 5 sprite
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Edited in the correct sprite sizes this time. Ooops.
The level 2-4 sprites seem a bit too barren, but the idea is good.
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(2019-04-25 01:28:33)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote: The level 2-4 sprites seem a bit too barren, but the idea is good.
Should I make the claws lighter on the 3rd and 4th ones?

[Image: unknown.png]
Yeah, its not visible enough i didnt see it the first time and thought it was just eyes
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K, I gave the dreadling a manicure so the claws are more shiny and visible in the 3rd/4th instances.

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