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What do you think of "Portal" feature?

Did not notice for a long time.
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I don't ever use it. I don't have any desire to use it. I don't mind clicking on the new threads to read them.
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What does it even do
I've never used it, doesn't seem to have a big purpose
Huh, never noticed that.
There's a lot of MyBB deadweight on this site that no one ever touches, this being an example.
I didn't remember this existed until you made this thread. I see no reason to take it out, though...
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(2019-05-01 18:52:05)Camer the Cola Dragon Wrote: What does it even do
I've never used it, doesn't seem to have a big purpose

It's like a feed in social media, it brings you the newest (probably unread?) posts around the forum

So instead of clicking threads to see what's new there, the site tells you what's new from all around the forum, it sort of delivers posts to you instead of you going around to get them yourself.
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