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What do you think of people who strongly dislike any religions?
Example: My mother is the one, and they are nothing but a trauma for her. It was what happened in 1995: the AUM spreaded saline in subway, harming and killing a lot of people.
There are bad apples in every group, and some religious groups have done nothing but spread fear and loathing towards themselves. I can't blame atheists for being pushed away by these people.
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I don't dislike religions, I dislike what people do because of religion.
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(2019-05-03 04:11:50)Robin Hood Wrote: I don't dislike religions, I dislike what people do because of religion.

Then, best way to live together with religion?
Some people will always twist stuff to fit their horrible ideas
religion is just one way people choose to do this :/
There are three main facets to most religions: Lore, community, and dogma. Lore deals with theories about what exists beyond our knowledge, such as the afterlife or the creation of the universe. Community is what gives followers a collective identity and sense of safety. Dogma is the code of behavior that a religion encourages or enforces.

Although a lot of religious lore is unsupported or dated with respect to our current scientific knowledge, I have no moral opposition to it. Maybe reincarnation exists. Who knows? Things like the soul or consciousness are ephemeral and I can't blame someone for asking questions about it.

I'm strongly individualistic and harbor resentment for just about any collectivist ideals, and that includes community. I don't care if you like or dislike someone, or if you act altruistically or selfishly toward an individual, but you should do it based on that person's behavior. Judge them by their actions - the choices they've made of their own free will - not by how they identify themselves (or how you identify them.) Your identification with your religion is prejudice. Your white pride is prejudice. Your gay pride is prejudice. Your patriotism is prejudice. Committing to family based solely on them being blood relatives is prejudice.

Dogma is another facet I'm opposed to, mainly because religion tends to spout it as rhetoric. Controlling human behavior is useful for keeping society functional, but every behavioral custom or restriction should be routinely subject to criticism and modification. Any behavior you can call "wrong" should be justified by sound arguments.

These are my own personal reasons for mostly disliking religion. People that resent religion for similar reasons, I can understand and respect. However, there also exists a group of people that are anti-religion but hold certain beliefs and biases that employ the same errors as religion does; in such cases I regard these people as hypocrites and dislike them as well.
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I think religion is just another word for war. It's caused nothing but hatred, crime and death for as long as we have known.
I'm one who dislikes religion with a passion yet I don't dislike those who are religious, there's a fine line there and what we do not believe in does not harm us.
In my opinion if someone decides to believe in some invisible overlord then so be it, if someone wants to waste a few seconds before a meal to pray to a ghost of a man then so be it, at least it ain't me. If it isn't personally affecting my day to day living and breathing I'm not fussed in the slightest if you pray to a God. The only time I will ever become frustrated with religious people is when they try to make me believe that their lord and stories are of a true nature, the people who will attempt to convince me that there is a Lord and not believing in one will lead me to hell and eternal suffering.
I am not into that, please don't bash me with your Holy Book.

Those who intentionally walk around spreading hatred for religion and those who believe in it, are the true rebels. They're far more annoying to deal with that those who try to persuade you that religion is the only way forward. I have many friends who are religious, yet some of them cannot sit in the same room together because they don't like each others beliefs, that's just childish and completely preposterous. Children in religious families are brought up with these beliefs, as they grow older some, like myself, become our own individuals and have our own views on life. Because I did not want to follow religious traditions anymore withing my family unit, I was treated like shit and a mockery. I wasn't just considered to be a human with my own views, religion has always been a strong part of my family and it did rip them apart. It caused uproars and many distressing times. Yet again as much as I hated religion then and watched it become a nasty norm in my own home, I did not hate my family for it. Whatever drove them to believing in what they did they had every right to, it's a human right.

You are free to believe in what you wish to believe in, however you are not free to publicly bash those who believe in any God from any religion. I think we should respect their views however wrong we think they are, to them we are in the wrong, it's just a vicious cycle that nobody can win. In 2019 everyone gets offended by Tom and Jerry never mind trying to discuss our hatred for religious folks, I just keep my head down and mind my own damn business unless, like I said, you're shoving your religion on me like a damn rash.
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