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How to make my grandparents not offended to each other?
As an example, my grandfather suddenly became rage about yesterday's dinner, then grandmother got hustled to make dinner.
Also whenever I suggest them to be friendly each other, never do they even try to listen to me.

My grandmother:Just ignore such the guy.
Me:Do not! Why the hell would you like to make him be alone?
She:Now, let's change into the fun topic.
Me:I am very uncomfortable with what he and you had done.
My mother:Cut it off! I will gonna have a headache!
Based on all the blogs you have made about your family, you do have a tendency to blame the females for the males' anger. It seems unjustified.

I can't know what's going on within your family, but that's just what I read from the blogs you make about them.
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Wha...? Why do I have to blame females?
Also though off-topic, I have ever heard my mother saying, "any housewives must work like robots" as if she had had been brainwashed for a long year.
Reading this thread gave me an aneurysm

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.

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sexism. Throw the whole family away.
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