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Is life a choice?
Usually when someone wants to kill themselves, many would say "Don't do it!" or "Your family and friends will miss you!"

...But is that a good thing to say?

No one asked to be born, so you could argue you could always suicide if you don't like your life. It's yours, at the end of the day.

Aditionally, we may not know what's going through that person. And if they do commit suicide, people are eventually gonna forget.

Personally I think life is a choice and you should be able to commit suicide if it's what you really want, it's not the coward's way out considering how hard it is to against your will to live, but if someone wants to commit suicide, instead of telling them "But you will be missed!" you should probably try to spend time with them to put their mind somewhere else.
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In the way you put it, yes, dying should be recognized a basic human right.

Life itself isn't a choice since as you said no one asked to be born. The choice is what you do with it and whether to quit.

Of course, we have all these survivalist instincts embedded so that suicide won't be too easy.
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Residays, are you okay?
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I hear you and believe it or not, I've been considering a lot of these things for a while now - 4 years in fact due to struggling with various obstacles and challenges. Even last week, I was fantasizing about it. However, here's why I think this line of reasoning is faulty:

Its your life and you didn't choose to be here but it would make other's life worse if you killed yourself. Someone said that suicide is multiplying your suffering by 10 and placing it on your family and friends. That's why I believe suicide is morally wrong. 

I might come up with a better analogy later but I guess its a lot like if you were given a bomb in your hand that would explode and kill people if you dropped it. You don't want to carry it and you didn't choose to carry it. But it is still morally wrong to drop it.

"And if they do commit suicide, people are eventually gonna forget."

I doubt it. People get stuck with this sort of guilt for the rest of their lives. And even if their grief is only temporary, that doesn't make it any less valid or difficult.

That being said, I think using this tactic treats the symptom and not the problem: The symptom being suicide and the actual problem being whatever is causing you to do it. If you are considering suicide or having a difficult time, I recommend these resources: 

A blog by Tim Ferris about suicide and an experience he had: https://tim.blog/2015/05/06/how-to-commit-suicide/

Text of a book I recently read called The Happiness Trap that's honestly changed my life and how I view suffering. He talks about Acceptance And Commitment Therapy which is definitely worth looking into: https://archive.org/stream/TheHappinessT...p_djvu.txt

Other good books are The Upside of Stress by Kelly Mcgonical and Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins. I also like the motivational speakers Eric Thomas and Les Brown.

Also, you can always message me if you're struggling. I might not know your situation exactly but I'll lend an ear and try to make you laugh.
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I think we should all have the right to die, I know there's such a thing as Assisted Suicide and I'm hoping they can put that in force here in the UK, however it will probably only be available through the NHS under extreme circumstances.

I think if we as humans have the right to live we should also have the right to die, many many many people suffer alone through many illnesses and diseases, there is only so much Drs and nurses and psychologists can do to help someone. Some people just cannot be helped.
I think the idea of assisted suicide will prevent years of heartbreak for families and friends, think about it many people have died of suicide, many failed their attempts (including me), I do not regret attempting death, I only regret that I did not make it possible. I have 2 kids now and we are going through some really effin rough shit right now including courts etc, and I know they would have never have had to endure this if I had succeeded with my attempt. Call me selfish all you wish.
If I were to have been assisted with my suicide I think a lot of things would have turned out differently and overlooking the whole picture, it makes total sense.

Just the idea of thinking death is no choice is just so damn close minded, as a matter of fact we are all dying in our own little ways, we all have a certain number of minutes left on this planet, if we want to end the chapter sooner who the hell thinks they can stop us? One way or another those people who mourn our suicide will mourn our death if it were of natural causes. Same consequence - death. Same grief, a loss is a loss nonetheless.

Nobody asked to be here today, we all do the best we can, we all have our own mental health issues, our own health problems no matter how little or how extreme, if you cannot tolerate it, there IS HELP there for a reason, if you don't want to reach out, don't. You aren't weak for trying to better yourself all alone. Getting cancer cannot be helped, manic depression cannot be helped, bipolar cannot be helped, schizo-affective disorder cannot be helped, anxiety cannot be helped, having fits and seizures cannot be helped, being in PAIN cannot be helped. Talk to me about medicine, that don't help! If that pain is screaming at you and you physically and mentally cannot take it, then hell yes one should be entitled to assisted suicide. I would never see anyone suffer, I would help if they are open to help but you cannot change another persons mind in a heartbeat. If the body hurts and the brain is drained, a human being can only take so much.
Life was never a choice for any of us, but death is the only choice we will ever have in our lives that will be THE LAST choice we ever make.

To anyone going through anything tough, I'm not saying go kill yourself, there IS help and maybe maybe maybeeee that help could work for YOU. Get help, but I think it would be very human if we allowed those who have suffered enough to die.
We let animals die when they're in pain, they are creatures who cannot even communicate their pain with us. But we humans can talk, and if I had a choice then when I needed it, I would have 100% wanted someone to assist me in suicide.

I think we are all a little broken in our own ways. Good luck to everyone on their journeys.
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I don't think life is a choice. My simple way of determining that is that you don't get a pop-up before birth where you can nicely select "approve" or "decline." Our natural instincts kick in as we grow up and we fear things that may harm us, teaching us to stay away from things that could result in death. Or generally, things like labels and our parents/guardians will also teach us to stay out of harms way. We grow attachments to family, friends, and develop goals and ambitions, all of which tend to keep us occupied and motivated to keep living. To speak candidly, whenever I really wish I was dead or want to kill myself, the fact that I have family who love me very much and who I know would be devastated if I were to commit suicide makes me decide its impossible for me to do. When I am in a mood like this, I do feel that it's unfair for me to effectively be forced to avoid committing suicide because of my familial attachments, but you know what -- that.is.life. Just because I didn't choose to be born, didn't choose to be loved, didn't choose to have a family who cares about me does not delegitimise their feelings, and I can't ignore that.
But there are many reasons people develop suicidal thoughts, so of course this doesn't absolutely reflect everyone. In terms of treating life as a choice, there's also the issue of euthanasia to consider -- which I am very much for, but won't discuss elaborately now. Life seems to be perceived as more of a choice as we mature and can confront or deny our instincts, properly assess our relationships, our health, our situations, and understand our feelings. But, again, we can often misjudge things and sometimes magnify or over-exaggerate them. This is why treating life as a choice becomes dangerous, because I'm sure we've all heard the quote saying that "suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

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choices in life are the ones you choose.

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.


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