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Do we have to be dumb sometimes?
Without dumbness, won't we have a fun life?
I'm always dumb.
*enter Matt*

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.

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Nah but doesn't mean we're not Tongue
It would be kind of boring too though
"anyway.. why do people keep saying my name? i don't sim anymore lol"
Allll the time. It's not necessarily that it makes things more fun, but sometimes it just makes conversations or events a bit smoother if you pretend you don't understand or know something.

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Huh, is that why I enjoy life so much? It's starting to make sense now.
Was she reality or just a dream to me

[Image: kFpaVQg.png]
I'm just naturally stupid so I don't even need to pretend.


Pretending to be dumb to "have fun" or socialize better, is different the actually being dumb, which would be to be willfully ignorant, refuse thinking things through, and being complacent intellectually and conscientiously. Which is bad and arguably irresponsible.
I don't have a sicknature
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