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How is squared calculated?
what is the difference between squared when measuring an object vs calculating distance? i'll post images below to help explain what i am talking about.

[Image: square_boxes.gif]

[Image: Annotation-2019-05-29-144415.jpg]

in the first image, you can see that squared depends on the size of each side on the object. 4 equal parts on each side means that the object is 4 squared.

in the second image (red circle to show the starting point) is a distance measurement of a random location on google maps. each side of the square is roughly 10km but the total area is 100km squared. why is it 100km squared instead of 10km squared?
[Image: 89yj8r5grds4.png]
Because when we say 100 km squared, it's only the km part that gets squared, and not the 100 part as well.

The area in the second picture can be expressed as 100 km², where only the km gets squared, or if you want to express it as a square that is formed from 10 km x 10 km, then you can say (10 km)², that is, the whole (10 km) gets squared, not just the km part.
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km^2 is the units
Exponentiation before multiplication, basically. 100 km² = 100 (km²), not (100 km)².
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