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life update
last time I was here was like October 2018 for a split minute, been a part of this community for like 6 years time rly does fly

uhh what I’m up to uhh university, studying English towards business communication while working in startup businesses (Amazon FBA is a big one) + getting my real estate license, currently studying for it and doing the exams. financial independence and freedom is the motif

popping in bc it’s always good to check in, love y’all for these roots bc of the good memories. I’ve been a gym body, living life etc etc hope everyone’s gucci ty for coming to my ted talk
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I remember you back when you were in a participant in Roll to Dodge 8 when I hosted that. Sorry about abandoning that all the sudden.
Glad you're pursuing your interests. And I can now appreciate your Godot avatar and Hobo Phoenix signature after playing through the Ace Attorney games a few years back.
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Being happy at your job is important. It's good to hear from you again.
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