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I was gonna talk about: abolishing father's day
This is because my father rules everything about my family's economy and everything else. Also almost every weekend he goes somewhere very from this house and leaves my mother and me a lot of housework. My mother used to buy something for gift for him, but she decided not to!
Also... she's just said about her father, i.e. my grandfather, and her brother, i.e. my uncle. My grandfather does not really care for everything. My uncle has a disease since childhood.

BTW who said about making my brother/sister? It will definitely ruin my mother's health! ... well, it was my grandmother.

Stop talking about "one of my co-workers has three or four children", you! NO ONE SUPPORTS OUR HOUSEWORK! Why the hell... no wait, this is gonna be out of topic, which is very suitable for blog! Why the hell does she force us to do what she hates to do?

Anyway, why am I talking about housework if you have several children and housewives' life?
Why is the entire husbands ..

Why did she say so although my father's 50s' (if I remember correctly) and my motehr's 40s'? She is an idiot! Why the

Why does she force us to buy their meat? Why does she spend everything for cosmetics?

Why older&older she gets, ruder&ruder she becomes?

So, what's the topic of this post?

Why the hell do we have to .

Also why am I posting this although I have to make a presentation slide for entry exam?

Why did she go insane by getting a lot of stress?



pointless hr

What would you do if housework is very difficult?
Why don't you make it salary-able to terribly hard housework jobs?
Why is my uncle so very mean to my grandmother? He's rude, using his position that he's a disabled person that he cannot stand up nor talk well. Also why are her co-workers terribly weird?

Also why do my mother say same things for about 5000x10^999 times because of side effect of her medicine? Why does she forcly try to work harder whatever her health is?
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Are you ok?
(2019-06-16 11:45:11)Residays Wrote: Are you ok?

I had no ideas what I'd like to write at that time
ps. I just typed what my mother randomly says. She cannot remember what she talked about a moment ago, and she often changes topics uncoinsidently

aboloshing father day is step one to destroying patriarchy

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.


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