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I got circumcised
As some of you may know, I have been troubled with a condition called phimosis. Basically it means that I have a really tight foreskin, and any attempt to pull it behind the dickhead is painful and may be damaging.

Today I underwent an operation called partial circumcision, which solves the problem.

There is a pretty long recovery process which may last up to 6 weeks. Right now my dick looks ugly as fuck, it's pretty swollen and it bleeds a little. Whenever I have an erection, it hurts like a bitch. I can't think about naked women for a while now. I'm about to go to sleep and I'm already dreading that I'll undoubtedly wake up with a morning wood.

More updates to come.
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Thank you ProClifo, very cool
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(2019-06-24 21:26:19)Northadox Wrote: Thank you ProClifo, very cool

you said thank you yet you didn't thank me, what a disgrace
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Getting hurt from erections is something I woudn't wish to my worst enemy.
(2019-06-24 21:51:43)Residays Wrote: Getting hurt from erections is something I woudn't wish to my worst enemy.

His worst enemies would be sending random porn through various avenues now

also, congrats, ma gingerbread okay actually ill save the congratulations for when the recovery phase is over
I don't have a sicknature
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Third day in, I can say it's absolutely unbearable every morning. Every time I wake up, I get a raging hard on which hurts so bad, and there is no way to make it stop. I have heard tightening thigh and ass muscles can prevent blood stream to your penis, but it's still a little hard (pun intended) to pull off.

Every time I have to pee, I need to take off the bandage around my penis which really hurts because it often sticks to the dickhead and the exposed swollen part of my penis.
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Update: Penis is less swollen now and things are better, but I cannot help but be concerned about a small rift on the tip of my foreskin, which makes it really hurt when I pull it back and forth. Hopefully it will heal by itself, but I'm gonna consult the doctor and ask if it needs sewing or other treatment.
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(2016-08-15 23:41:05)Northadox Wrote: I don't want to be a stupid-ass hood nigga

Please -
never mind forger the please just change your f***ing signature. Go make your own before I throw a goddamned fit. If you were trying to be funny well you bloody right failed, and if you were trying to piss me off well you succeeded.
Just went to the urologist today, she said the rift is nothing to worry about and it will heal by itself. Just gotta wait around three weeks and things will be fine.
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I'm doing good, I just have to wait for the wound to heal
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Three weeks in now and I honestly gotta say I regret this decision. I had a phimosis, but that could've been solved through other means. I have very little foreskin left and I don't like the way my penis feels in general. I miss my foreskin and being properly covered by it. I really wish my doctor hadn't recommended circumcision right away. She said that no sensitivity would be removed which was either gross misinformation or a downright lie.

I'm honestly really sad right now. I don't think I have felt this sad for a very long time, maybe ever. I keep playing the past moments over in my head, wishing I had said something or backed away from the operation. Unfortunately, nothing can turn back the time and I have to live with this now.
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