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The Effects of Unschooling
What's up acid chat? Since it's been another year I decided to hop on and see what was up.

If you don't already know, unschooling is the philosophy that a child should be responsible for his or her own learning. It's basically like being homeschooled, except there's no curriculum or tests. You just do whatever, and learn things you want to learn.

I'm entering my senior year of high school after being unschooled for over a year, so I've had a lot of free time to really figure out what I wanna do when I graduate.

First off, I'm entering every single Ludum Dare (a game jam where you have 2-3 days to make a game) so I can compare my work to others and my past self.

Secondly, I'm working on a large-scale game with a few others. It's a top-down shooter rogue-like about weather called Vast Forecast. It's been in development since December 2017, but it was remade last January, so it's not as for-along as you'd expect. I won't say a ton more here, so check my signature link if you're curious.

I've also picked up digital art and music production on a level that I never expected myself to be able to reach. I'm getting compliments rather than feedback now, which is extremely encouraging. I can post some of my more recent work if I ever truly come back to this forum.

My mental health is better than I could've imagined in my freshman year of high school. As many of you know, I'm Bipolar, but those issues are few and far between.

I find myself missing information most people deem as common knowledge, due to "dropping out" of a normal curriculum. But it hasn't had any negative impact on my life besides turning me into a laughing stock for a minute or so.

Other than that I'm doing great. American public school just wasn't for me.
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Unschooling seems like something that would only work with a minority of people, but it sounds like you're one of them. It's pretty cool that you're doing all that stuff!
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Eyy, cool you found a way that worked well for ya Smile Cool

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