Poll: Are cats good animals?
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Let's exclude cats from international protected animals.
This is because of history of my family.

It was since time before I was born. There used to be a lot of cats in my house, where no one really care for, which they were ruining many rooms in the house, such as pooing everywhere, scratching walls, etc. My mother already kicked all of them already, when I was a baby, to prevent them from killing me.

PS. Today, she hates cats, so do I. We had raged about the allay cats in this town before.
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You know I've heard people that say to me that dislike cats, many of them are just dog people, of course; they already own a pet, what need would they need for another? They couldn't financially support two of them, giving them their own care and feeding them. It's not that they hate cats, it's just that they don't have room for another non-dog animal in their life. But some do not own dogs, nor any pet, at all, and when prompted on the timeless question between humanity's two most prominent domesticated animal partners, they just simply state that they aren't cat people. When prompted on their decision, they might recite some harmless anecdotes, or state that dogs are more useful, more amicable, more compatible with our species. Never have I heard someone with truth and honesty say that "cats threatened me and my family on a recurrent basis," but you, my friend, are the first. I should probably be remorseful, but it's humorous in a cosmic sort of way to me, how a creature that lacks much of the pride and ferociousness of their genetic ancestors can strike such fear in a man's heart. Apologies if that statement does offend you. It's just a little funny. A little.
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How were cats in the house with nobody caring for them??

Cats are awesome if you properly care for them.
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(2019-07-08 07:41:00)Suuper Wrote: How were cats in the house with nobody caring for them??

Cats are awesome if you properly care for them.

I mean, my father originally brought some (or perhaps many) allay cats to the house, then, he didn't even try to take care of them, which many baby cats were born and became noisier, smelled worse, etc. in my house. This gave her a big trauma, I think.
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Could you clarify what you mean by 'internationally protected'? Because as far as I'm aware, cats are not on any such list (domestic cats, at least). The way each country (even each state and city within it) handles stray animals is different -- over here, if it's not registered to an owner they get desexed and put into adoption houses for a while, and if no one adopts them after a certain time they get put down. Similarly, all cats sold commercially have to be desexed before they can leave the pet store.

Stray cats are a huge problem, mainly because of the threat they pose to local wildlife. It's a horrible idea to just adopt them without properly caring for them or getting them fixed, so I totally feel for you and your mum. I 100% can understand how that would be a traumatising experience, and I definitely believe that going through that I wouldn't find it appealing to own one as a pet afterwards.

All that said, when you do properly care for cats and are a responsible owner, they are quite loving and calming creatures to be around.

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If you hate cats, you are a bad person.

There used to be two cats in old house where my mother and I used to live with my father (actually there used more people to be in the house), then the cat had born a lot of cats. Then the house had got much dirtier.
Also I heard my grandfather used to have one and bully it.

PS. H.hey! Why is this thread on Blogs?
If I were to take your various suggestions about killing/murdering/exterminating every group of individuals that causes you some minor annoyance, I would have banned you a long time ago for being too toxic.
That's not really a suggestion anyone takes seriously. And if we ignore the title line, this is just a post about something that happened to you.
Which is what blogs are for.
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