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Houseworks megathread
I have( or my mother might have(well, she doesn't try to ask others questions, so might not)) a lot of questions about houseworks. Any housewives, house-husbands, and full-time ones?

Any tips about how to work such hard salaryless jobs?
Are you sure this is the right forum to ask those questions?
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

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Sometimes I vacuum
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I really do no housework because I'm a spoiled brat I'm sorry
god help me when I move out though... maybe i won't

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No, I'm lazy. I do the bare minimum for housework.
My breakfast is plotting to kill me.

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Having OCD helps. I can often leave the kitchen, bathroom and floors dirty for a while, then suddenly get the urge to wash'n scrub it all away. I usually don't take breaks to get it all done in one go.
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message me on discord if you want uncensored version :3

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