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Has YouTube been recommending us random vids?
BTW I don't think so imo, but why do I see many random recommended vids that looks like for kids(I'm assuming, seeing some kids are on the thumbnails) these days? When I happened to see a certain video, I saw many comments saying that YouTube recommended the video to them and wondering why.

PS. For example, don't you see videos this channel posts?
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i havent gotten any kid videos recommended to me, probably because my youtube recommendations have been fine tuned over 9 years
[Image: tumblr_nddxf2XzYY1tvf9p0o1_400.gif]
I have been recommended videos from 2008, but from the comments the same thing has happened to others.
YouTube keeps recommending me a tutorial for inserting images into MS Word and it offends me greatly
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YouTube's recommendations are all but random.
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Kids videos tend to have high average % viewing time (kids will sit and watch the whole thing) so that gives YouTube a reason to push it
these kids videos are specifically made to get the algorithm to push it wherever it can

so even if you see something with the slightest relation to a kids video YT will recommend them to you

sometimes it's even if you watch a vid that isn't too popular and YT doesn't know what to recommend it'll put them there

TL;DR: The people making these vids know how the algorithm works and make the videos spread to anywhere remotely related to it in whatever minor way or when there is nothing else to recommend
Sometimes it seems like a random recommendation because you've already going through several vaguely related recommendations.

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I just want it to stop recommending me Mario Kart videos, it makes me insecure in my video game driving skills
So I'm not the only one getting this.

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