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What's wrong with me?
I always felt like I'm human trash. Have you noticed any negative aspects about me? I would like to know to fix them, be as honest and harsh as you want, I want to feel better and fix my problems.
You remind me soo much of myself some time ago.

I know it seems like nothing can go right for you and the constant negative thoughts in your head never seem to cease.

But I think it would serve you best to take a breather.

I doubt you'll receive any feedback on your character (for obvious reasons). I doubt there's much to criticise about you. And if there are things, most of us probably have no idea what they are.

Just, chill, live life. This phase won't last.

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Nothing I can think of.

Im not gonna tell you to not feel like trash but keep in mind that insecurity is part of being human and that just about everyone has it to varying degrees
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So here's my cheap two cents:

The only negative aspect I've noticed, is the generally negative and depressed vibe. I think you should probably focus on your own happiness first, and you'll give off more positive vibes naturally.

It's not wrong at all to rant, vent and even seek attention when you need them, because yes, they're very important needs.

But the depressed vibe is literally the only negative aspect I can think of you, since you're already a nice person.

I hate to advocate for positivity, but you're clearly not human trash, and the only thing to fix is to not feel like human trash and be happier, somehow.

I don't know how you're going to get around to do that, since everyone's different, and "be more positive" is probably not very helpful at all.

In my case, I used to make stuff (like flash games) as a passion, which then I am proud of and helps boost my happiness and self esteem.

I don't know, but I think people generally not feel like trash when they do something they consider meaningful.

You do you.
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Most people tend to be very critical of themselves, because you're around yourself all the time and know all of the flaws and mistakes you are capable of, as well as every single thing thats ever gone wrong in your life just to make you feel even worse about it all. The truth is, everyone has these moments. We've all acted wrong at some point in our lives, we all have our flaws, we all have done things we regret and wish we could take back.

So yes, I probably could think of a few things that are negative about you if I tried really hard, because everyone has faults. But, I would probably have a list 10x that size for things I believe are negative about myself.

I've also struggled a lot with this same thing, and the only piece of advice I can give you is to strike a balance between spending time with the people you love and spending time on your own, for yourself. The reason I say this is because it's important to be around loved ones, because it helps you feel safe and reminds you that there are people in your life who will love you unconditionally. However that can be overwhelming when you have depression and you feel so negatively about yourself -- so it's important to balance that out with some independent time, where you do something productive about managing your feelings (as in, don't do something routine like playing video games, do something completely different where you're conscious of yourself). It could be anything from volunteering your time to a charity, to just sitting in your room listening to music for an hour.

Don't push yourself, and please look after yourself. You honestly seem very sweet, but troubled, and I'd love more than anything in the world to come back to this forum in a few months and read a positive and happy blog from you. Good luck on the tough road Smile

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Thank you for your responses. I didn't expect it, but everyone seemed to think the same thing. I'm a fine person, but I'm being negative on myself.

You all made me feel better, thank you.
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