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Hey guiz
Me and one of Pandora's friends have recently got ourselves into Eve Online and we're gonna like claim a little bit of the universe for ourselves, but we kinda need some people to join us. Is there any interest? We have some codes where we can get you started on it if you want to give a try, we're not really asking you to play it constantly, it's not really the type of game you invest a lot of time into since the skill training is based on real time, not leveling up like a pooper. We want to have fun with a group of people and try to live in a wormhole, which I understand to be pretty fun and dangerous.

Eve is pretty much a space game ummm, you do stuff, you blow people up, you blow npcs up, you blow the job up. Oh fuck it just go to this link or something and you can find out about it. If you're interested, I'll need to give you a code to accelerate your start or something. This is a link okay, I wasn't lying about getting you set up.
Oh and our corporation name is "Ross is Bad" because Ross really is bad and needs a spanked ass.

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(2019-08-25 01:08:53)Pandoras Fox Wrote: ?

Who are you and what are you doing in my fred?!
i swear that i replied with "weow" idk why it was just single ?
(2019-08-27 01:47:40)Pandoras Fox Wrote: i swear that i replied with "weow" idk why it was just single ?
It was censored.
Ross is bad
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