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Laptop Soon
If you saw my previous blogs, I mentioned getting a laptop. Well, after an internet friend and my dad sent me enough money, I finally managed to buy it because the guy lowered the price from $270 to $225 and ebay gave me a $5 off coupon, which was very lucky for me.

The laptop's specs:

2GB Nvidia Quadro
i7M 4 Cores 2.9 Ghz

So anyway, I'll get it somewhere in october, don't know the day at all, but it feels great knowing that I'll finally be able to play games at decent fps and graphics.

Before you elitists say something: No, building a PC wasn't a good idea, because I plan on moving out of the country sometime, I can take a laptop with me, I can't take a computer with me.

But anyway, this should hopefully make me feel better, I'll be able to use it during power outages so that's great.
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Eyyy Smile

Also it's better than desktop cos you can use it when you have no power (like you said)
and good for move yea
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I'm only using laptops myself. Portable, easy to carry, easy to setup, and if no power you can still use it :D

Personally I'm an FPS whore and go lowest settings for max fps no matter what. I get like 220-300fps in csgo with my laptop.
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You laptop users make me sick.

Just kidding. I'm happy for you. Smile
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Dude that's awesome, congrats bro
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I haven't had a desktop PC since 2009. Laptops are okay these days.
Enjoy it!
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