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What's the worst food you've eaten?
Ricecake, how can anyone eat that shit?!
My avatar comes from
I honestly can't remember
I don't like peas

but the thing is for the last years I just eat stuff I know I like or will not hate too badly lol
Jellied eels. Never again. The texture felt so wrong.
Chef Boyardee's canned Alfredo Pasta. Ever wanted to find out what canned alfredo sauce tastes like? Yeah, you didn't. Stay away. I hate most canned food, but that's the worst one I've had.

Cake sucks too. The frosting is always way too sweet.

Most Great Value food products could go on there, which is Walmart's store brand.

Do drinks count? Cause magnesium citrate is the worst thing I've ever ingested by a landslide.
Tapioca and strawberry milk! Thought they would kill me.

PS. Why did tapioca once become fashion among young ladies?
There's a very long list of vegetables I could put here; I don't even know where to start.
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