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What's your favorite bird?
Cockatiels are pretty funny and cute!
My avatar comes from
idk I like the blue jays on SAR though
Hmmmm... it's hard to choose just one, as a person who really likes birds.

If we're going by looks, we have peacocks, golden pheasants, blue jays, macaws, etc.

Then again, crows are really intelligent...

If we're going by funny bird names, we have blue footed booby, tufted titmouse, dickcissel, great tit, etc.

Woodpeckers are cool because they make their nest in a tree by carving wood out with their beak...

Birds that mimic are awesome too! Parrots are nice, but I prefer lyrebirds.

So in other words, I don't know. I can't choose just one.
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