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How to pass the audition? again
I submit what I recorded in the old house
I hope it REALLY works
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PS. I think I gotta sing Cartoon Heroes and submit it, with as better voice as possible
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To be a Virtual something, as I posted before
if you have a video of it and it's public, post here for context?
What I have submit so far:
Attempt 1: too long, unplanned, boring audio
Attempt 2: singing balla da li, that the judges should have never heard of
Attempt 3: what I recorded in the house, appearing to have had terrible experience before
Attempt 4: acted a senior high school guy, who met a time slip
Attempt 5: same as 3rd

And I made a script for the next application and am going to act four characters to pass.
What do you think if this strategy?

List of submissions: 1st:Mochi Hiyoko's 2nd:vlive's 3rd, 4th, and 5th:Holostar's

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