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I'm finally making another blog, and this time it's to weeb out!

I always make an effort to see any anime movies that get released in Aus, and usually my friends are keen but sometimes we're just too busy to arrange a time to see it together. Since they're usually only released for <a week, with like 1 or 2 sessions a day in select cinemas, it can be tricky! But, we pulled through and went out last week to see Promare, which is by the same studio that did Kill la Kill (some of you may be familiar with it?).

Now honestly, went in with low to moderate expectations -- I knew that since it was by Studio Trigger the art style would be trippy and non-conventional, so either a big hit or miss. Story wise, similarly, I knew it had some mecha elements which I'm not generally a fan of and I tend to have to tolerate. Most of that held true throughout the movie, the first fight scene felt a bit painful to get through and I was questioning how much I'd enjoy it visually, and the mecha element was also making me internally groan. But, my eyes adjusted very quickly to the art style and lo and behold, I LOVE it now. The use of colour in particularly was done so fantastically throughout the film, as well as the use of shapes and hard lines which you don't traditionally find in the more 'realistic' styles of animation. It was just so so beautiful, but I also recognise that it's one of those things that takes adjusting to -- and some people simply might not be able to adjust to it at all. Same thing with Kill la Kill (thought it was ass-ugly at first, grew to love it by the end). Also, since not all the fighting was done mecha (and not all of the movie was action!), I ended up being able to swallow it quite well, and I enjoyed the general storyline and characters within it. I read a few reviews where some people have accused it of "not having good character development" or the plot "not having substance," but for me it definitely delivered on both aspects, taking into account that this was a movie with limited time to do develop these sorts of things than an anime series would have. I really don't know how to justify this point with spoiling and/or just going over the top fangirl mode, so I'ma just say trust me bro

But ok
onto the part I was REALLY impressed with, which left me so emotionally distraught that I had to go and see the movie again yesterday (and I enjoyed it even more the second time around!)

I can't even

So bg info here, the guy who produced the OST (Hiroyuki Sawano) is quite well known for producing some beautiful, beautiful anime soundtracks, including for Attack on Titan, Guilty Crown, Hero Academia, etc. It's just absolutely striking how beautiful the songs are, and how well they fit (even lyrically -- IN ENGLISH!) into the movie/the scenes they were used for. if you're curious at all, my top picks which are taking alternate turns on repeat are Gallant Ones, and Ashes.
I also highly recommend Kakusei which was done by another band for the movie, and is also brilliant. It's probably a bit easier for listening, since it's an actual song and not just an OST.

But yeah, I really wanted to share how much I enjoyed this movie, and would recommend it for those of you that enjoy anime to check it out when its available to you! Would be keen to hear your reviews as well, even if they're negative! 
Anyway, hope you're all doing well!  Sun

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Not a weeb but I liked Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtrack in Xenoblade X
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I've only watched (look avatar) and Panty & Stocking from them, but the art/animation style they use is really enjoyable to look at. It's their main thing I'd say with soundtracks coming in at a strong second, I doubt however that I'll see this movie as it didn't really capture my interest without having to go into more spoilers. I still have a giant pool of anime to choose from as I'm a pretty slow watcher, plus I tend to avoid movies and rather watch 10/12 episode series.
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Thanks for the OST links — you had only sent me one of them earlier...
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