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H2PTA? Part 3
Since there are many auditions I gotta take as many as possible, then I am gonna pass to become a Virtual aliver to do these, for example, I guess:
  • Give people some energy?
  • I think I have a lot of ideas else
Ps. these pages provide you what auditions there are.
I don't know what you're talking about, but I agree.
My avatar comes from
We have no concrete idea of what you're talking about
can you provide a video or something please lol
Today I submit to what is called Zero Project, since today is the deadline.
Since I had some what I recorded for practices, I submitted it.
This time, 6th attempt I think, I acted four characters.
Ps. Some auditions require me the experiences of livestreaming. Oof.
Ps 2. I've just received a reply that they would judge fairly.

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