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Educating about mental disease?
(title seems too long; here's what I supposed)Would it be a good idea if you taught children in elementary schools what mental disease is and what you could do for them?

Title. I hit on the idea. At first I thought it'd be good idea, but my mother, who has one, doesn't really agree.
We have that here, its a pretty recent addition to the school curriculum (it wasn't around when I went through primary).
It has apparently been super beneficial, and gives students not only the opportunity to dispel a lot of the stigma associated with mental health, but the ability to identify, cope and reach out for help when they need it.

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Yeah it'd be very good
a lot of stuff develops at a young age so it'd be better for them if they knew about it and could talk about it
plus it'd help remove stigma as Ena said cos it would be something more openly talked about
Yes. I remember this student with brain damage due to a serious incident was often mocked (even by his cousin)... he was actually a pretty cool guy despite that, he didn't deserve all the bullying.

I of course have been a victim of bullying as well because of autism but I feel like the guy went through more than me.
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It's the kind of thing that needs to be explained to children, so yes, schools make the perfect environment for that. The benefits should be obvious to anyone.
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Yeah its definitely an important thing to get drilled into kids heads to make them more aware of possible abnormal thinking patterns and factors that may have contributed to those thought processes. But it is also important to emphasize to not self-diagnose after learning about them and to encourage seeking help or talking about it with a trusted adult instead if they are experiencing symptoms. I'm not sure how it will affect the amount of bullying that happens against children with mental illness tho because kids will always make fun of kids who are different.
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It's a good step on making the world less depressed, among other things.
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Read a comic about their life with her mom with schizophrenia. Then found some are very similar to what we actually have experienced.

The comic made me think to change the society into one that supports those who are forced to have mental disease.

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