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After I left that community, something wrong seemed happened there; there existed two spammers. One was to tell me ― though I'm not there any more ― what happened to other community I also left. Please, L, do not tell them where I am now. Also I seem the person made their comm account nothing but to try to contact me. The other spammer left some spams, like posting a non-related person, why? Also why, just one-month block ― why not block them forever? Also I think they did spam on other comm. Though I have no ideas what I meant. PS. Wh, what! I REMEMBER you, d! I have no ideas why you tried those action.
Thank you 9k, very cool.
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(2019-11-02 22:23:53)SouthAnd960 Wrote: ...!?

tbf this is literally what we all say to 99% of your posts
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