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My new Raspberry Pi
I have recently bought the newly released Raspberry Pi 4, which is a single board computer. Yes, a whole computer with a CPU, GPU, RAM, power supply, storage and all the other stuff that computers are made of.

Raspberry Pi has various purposes, but one of the most popular ones is retro gaming. There is an operating system called RetroPie where you can play a bunch of emulators in an easy to use interface.

I bought a 250gb micro SD card and loaded it up with ROMs from the past. It consists of every NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, Master System, Mega Drive, Atari 2600/5200/7200 game in existence, including a few other consoles as well. In total, I have roughly 30,000 games stored on the micro SD card, in addition to the operating system.

Because there is no official RetroPie support for the Raspberry Pi 4 yet, I did a little workaround. I installed Raspbian, the official desktop OS for Raspberry Pi, and then downloaded RetroPie off of that. So I'm using RetroPie in a virtual window on top of Raspbian.

There is some lag and tearing in the games, and I think that's because there's a desktop OS running in the background. Hopefully this will be solved when RetroPie comes out with an official RPi 4 release, so I can run RetroPie natively with no desktop.

But for now, it's still pretty cool. I have revisited a lot of games from my childhood and some I haven't even heard of. The possibilities are endless.

[Image: jtCC2np.png]

[Image: vhKsNI8.png]
[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]
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What a pity to spoil such a nice interface with a month/day/year date.
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I'm sure that can be fixed
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