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Norway plans to get rid of cash
The Norwegian government plans to completely abolish payment in the form of physical coins and bills. In a few years, if it goes as planned, payments will only be done digitally. Debit cards, credit cards, mobile apps, etc.

What do you think of this development? Personally I find it a bit scary. It would mean that every payment is monitored. Sure, it will stop crimes such as drug dealing, but I feel like this is an authoritarian approach. I don't worry about the government today, but a future government might take advantage of this in the wrong way.

Another concern is you can only ever store your money in a bank. You will never physically have the money for yourself. What if shit hits the fan and the bank loses all your money? Idk.

How would you feel if your government took away your physical cash?
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Most likely, some form of cash replacement will appear, such as coupons, etc. Basically, cash that isn't cash, which would be far more unsafe and more devalued. Bad money drives out good; people would seek to spend this fake cash quickly, increasing its market volume rapidly.

A bad move overall. Physical cash serves many purposes, and if it is taken away, those purposes will be filled by some perceived equivalent.
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I would be kinda mad because thats more tax and the government is bad at spending money.
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This has been going on for many years though, and hopefully it'll still just be a bunch of talk. Drug dealing would not disappear if physical cash did, they would find workarounds. Another big issue with this is when banks have a problem and your card gets declined, which is why I like to have at least 20-50€ with me always.

Tbh, I don't see this happening anytime soon.
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A few years instead of a gradual change over a few decades seems too drastic.

I think it's possible to do it right, but improbable.
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If they want to get rid of all the bills, i'll take them. I got a wood stove in the garage and bills burn pretty good.
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