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h2pta? part 5
These days I haven't even trained my voice to submit.

Also how do I make a quiet room so I can record?

I think I have forgotten this challenge for a long time.

PS. Haven't I mistaken as if passing the audition were my goal? Actually it's just a beginning of journey yet.
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Do you have a cupboard? (closet)
I hear recording in those is good if it has lots of clothes around
to remove echo

but if you want quiet idk, I'd guess the same?
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Actually I have trained in college before, before the lecture begins and anyone else get into the room.

Also what should I train?

OPENBETA: Briefly introduce yourself and act the character you want to act for 60-90secs.
LIVER AGENCY: Within 1 minutes. Just self introduction is also fine.
Miraizu: Does not require me to submit my audio yet; asks what kind of voice you speak.
IRIAM: Within 5 mins. Assumes as if you really do livestream for about an hour.
V-live: Submit what you are good at. E.g. singing, self-introduction, talking.
Sayanee's: Not submitting your voice, but judges in front of the director.
Nijisanji: At this moment only experienced may submit; gotta look forward to what is also for newbies.
Holostars: Submit the audio you act as a character you are good at. Within 5 minutes.

Are there more ones?
Btw someday I'll post some of my voice here; I'd like you to judge what do you think of them.
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