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not flat
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Is Earth flat?
(2019-11-23 07:03:28)aaaaaa123456789 Wrote:
(2019-11-23 06:18:50)SouthAnd960 Wrote: Isn't it necessary to discuss the topic?
It's nothing but a religious topic; just believe in what you would like to believe.

I want to believe you're joking/trolling. I want to believe.

That sounds like a religion
I don't have a sicknature
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All you have to say is "religious" to start an argument
Was she reality or just a dream to me

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(2019-11-25 07:21:10)Ringstaart Wrote: Deism can't be proven either way, but that's not the case for the forms of theism a staggering number of people actually hold. If you believe that God exists because of the evidence of Him coming to earth in the form of his only begotten son and performing miracles then that's pretty falsifiable. If you believe that God has certain commonly accepted properties then you need an answer to the problem of suffering.

Falsifying the existence of that kind of God is still hard because a lot of extremely intelligent people have been coming up with counter-counter-arguments for as long as the counter-arguments have existed. There's a retort against everything, and although the retorts are each a bit shaky individually they often require a lot of specialized knowledge to convincingly refute and they add up to a system with enough internal consistency to be believable to even legitimately skeptical people on the inside of it.

I think theism is also in practice founded on trust in the community, so it's not so different from the others in that sense. "My entire village believes in God so they're probably onto something" is not such a bad reason to be religious.

Like typical theism, the flat earth conspiracy theory rests on some factual assertions that can in principle be checked, but that mostly can't be checked at your kitchen table and that all have elaborate counter-counter-arguments based on specialized knowledge about optics and such. You need to go pretty deep to satisfyingly break the internal consistency.

For both of them you can argue that debating them isn't worth it. They have this way of generating lots of heat and not convincing a lot of people, so you're better off discussing other things. I don't know if I agree, but it's defensible.

"Do vaccines cause autism" has severe negative observable concrete short-term effects if you act on the wrong position. I don't think a live and let live approach is as justifiable for that.

So what SouthAnd960 said can make sense as a non-jokey opinion if you swap out the word "religious".

love him or hate him he spittin straight fax

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(2019-11-30 18:26:21)Zenas Wrote: love him or hate him he spittin straight fax

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(2019-11-23 20:15:41)IcyMind Wrote: lolis are flat.

oppai-lolis are a thing you know
Earth is fat
Was she reality or just a dream to me

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