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htpta? part 8
Is the audition for Holostars REALLY held? So far I have submit there for four times in total.
I think I have only old info; gotta look for new news.
Also how do I do with my mother saying something needy as if it were still at 2nd World War now?

PS. Thought no one is holding any auditions, but ACTUALLY THERE ARE!

2nd PS. Seeing Twitter there are illustrators who hold auditions to choose whom they lend virtual body. Many of they require me I have already bought what is like Live2D, Facerig, or something.
How dare you deprive me of part 7
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Part 7 was deleted, because of nonsense post: just a word why.
(2019-12-03 10:38:32)Mystery Wrote: How dare you deprive me of part 7
Occasionally I have to delete some of his blogs... basically when they are little more than spam (single words, acronym alphabet soup, etc.).
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