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Laptop Laptop
Got the laptop, feels really good to play games at high FPS and high graphics, and it boots in like a minute.

As I said, the battery is dead, but the same friend who sent me money to buy the laptop sent me enough to buy one, It'll have to wait though because it's in the US.

Really thankful for the guy, he's spoiling me a bunch lol.

Also, the CSGO community from my experience has been pretty nice and fun so that's a good break from TF2.

Something odd though is that the driver seems to fail every once in a while? Because my FPS will sometimes go down heavily, but it's easily fixed by going to device manager, clicking uninstall device on the graphics card, waiting for it to re-install and then reboot, so I doubt it's overheating or something, might be Windows 10 related? I dunno.

Either way, I'm really happy with this. Although my internet often fucks up online games...
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