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Anyone good at voice acting or similar here?
I'd like to know how I should improve my voice, or what I should improve else.
Then I need to pass the audition to be a virtual person.
practice practice practice

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(2019-12-31 04:28:41)Day Of Lavos Wrote: practice practice practice

Thanks. Then where can I get my voice rated?
Record yourself and listen to your own voice. You'll hate it. That's normal; since you generally hear your own voice from inside your head and not from the outside, the sound is different. Do it anyway.

If you insist on speaking English (like you did with that Bee Movie thing), clean up your pronunciation. You're fighting a very uphill battle here, because Japanese has some very simple phonetics and English has very complex ones. But still, it's a matter of practice, and of listening to native speakers and trying to pick up the differences. (Beware of sounds you might not be able to tell apart! English has no less than 12 different vowel sounds and some consonants that sound very similar; it will take you some practice to even tell them all apart.)
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Just post your voices, maybe we can provide some feedback.

Is it Japanese, English or both you're doing?
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YouTube (original music) | Newgrounds (games)
Both, and here is the latest post.

With the account I sometimes post my singing.
Do you have a post on voice acting instead of singing?

Singing without any accompaniment or background music is rather awkward and not something people like to listen to (afaik). Maybe sing over karaoke versions at least. If you happen to play any instrument you can try doing your own accompaniment too.
I don't have a sicknature
YouTube (original music) | Newgrounds (games)

Some days ago I saw an article of an interview to a famous voice actor. He said that young actors these years (or these days?) seem to try to act only a field of characters; he said it important to act as many kinds of characters as possible.


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