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htpta? part 11
Plan: to reveal/have a presentation of what I am good at, what experiences and skills I have, and what I am interested in.
For example, experiences on the communities I used to be on, what made me suffer from worrying JKR, my wish/hope, and so on.

If I clarify them, they would be my portfolios. Then they would get it why they need to accept me.
Revealing me singing and acting is not really enough; I need to express what to do.

If you just wanted to talk to many people, there would be other tools and means.
If you just wanted people to listen to your songs, there might be other tools and means.
If you really have to reveal your experiences... but how?

Anyway, I'm gonna pass the audition to be a new Virtual something.

If you just wanted to be a Virtual person, then why do you need company's help?
If you wanted to improve the JKR, then how do you move people? Or is it possible to do so?
If you want to advertise a thing you are interested in, then why do you want to? Also how efficiently and effectively do you advertise?
Those would be the questions.
So why do you want to be a Virtual person anyway?

This is something they'd ask, but also something I'm asking for real, it just seems like an overrated pop culture thing. And popularity is never worth chasing for. On the other hand from what I gather you seem relatively talented in CS especially considering how low the PC literacy around seems to be.
I don't have a sicknature
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