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We jinxed the New Years.
(I don't usually get into politics, mostly because I don't know wtf is happening most of the time but I'm sensing this is gonna affect people in the U.S.)

Day 3 into the new decade, and Donald Trump, according to BBC, killed an Iran military commander Qasem Soleimani via airstrike.
woo hoo, murrica

how do you guys just let this orange man be president and then they let him order some important person on another country just like that, it's like they do it on a whim

what a world
I don't have a sicknature
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My dad informed me of this just over the table at dinner. It sounds pretty bad.
In a very twisted away, I was oddly satisfied to learn that the world might explode in a big ball of fire: I've come to think lately that we are completely unable to maintain a peaceful and sustainable world. Everything human is just too unstable.

Here's the version I was given:
The general Qassem Soleimani is more or less the second most important politician in Iran and got murdered by US order on iraqi ground, pretty much out of the blue. US names it a preventive move. Apparently, because this is quite a touchy decision, it had to be approved by Trump - which he did. Iran takes it as a declaration of war and anounced it would certainly retaliate. Russia says if there were a war between US and Iran, it would side with Iran, but would not fight elsewhere than in Middle East (at least at first, says my dad).
One way Iran could retaliate is by blocking a detroit through which a lot of petrol goes by, which for some reason would be a pain in the ass for the US? (I'm a bit surprised there because I thought US had enough gas with new extraction techniques).
It could also be that Iraq is pissed off and asks US soldiers to quit their bases in Iraq; according to my dad, a decent part of Iraq is friendly to Iran.

The worst course of action my dad mentioned is in the specific possibility that Iran attacks Israel, and actually defeats them - which according to him is plausible. The problem there is that Israel apparently is (unofficialy) largely equiped with nuclear weapons, and would most likely use them if that were their last resort.

I'm obviously little informed other than what comes out my dad's mouth, but he's generally a good source of information.

/edit: sorry about the duplicate, I didn't guess correctly the subject of the thread out of the name
As a US citizen, I'm freaking scared right now. Am I gonna get drafted into a war? Are we gonna get bombed? I have no clue what the consequences will be.
It is time to start hoarding bottlecaps.
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