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What if you were to be forced/ordered to murder entire of the specified nation/race?
I used to worry about what if the law that we must murder the entire Koreans all over the world was made.

I hope this does never happen, but how would you deal with it if it really were to be realized?

At that time I used not to think of the solutions yet, and I still have no ideas what I should do yet.

Also have I just crossed the line?
(2020-01-05 05:40:31)SouthAnd960 Wrote: I hope this does never happen

Hmm, are you sure?
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I saw "murder" in the title and immediately knew it was a 960 troll thread
Well, I used to worry what if I were to get death punishment for not improving Japan-Korea relationship and what if I were to get death penalty for improving Japan-Korea relationship. I also used to worry about the case if there were a dictator or perhaps dictators to force us to murder other race. For a long time I had not remembered the fear until I happened to see the TV program about the nationalism.
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This basically happened in practice under the Nazi regime. You can simply read on the history of what happened.

Your country in particular already tried to exterminate Chinese and Korean people from their land back then. I don't think the average layman actually helped that, though. (But the government certainly did, and a source of tension to this day is that the Japanese government consistently refuses to apologize for the abuses against human rights perpetrated against other nations' populations, such as the "comfort women" (read: sex slaves) they gathered for Japanese soldiers.)

Fortunately, it's almost impossible for such a situation to repeat itself. Humanity as a whole has learned the lesson, it seems.
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