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So WW3 is being talked about recently. What is your opinion on the situation?
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I doubt a full WW3 would happen, Russia and China have too much to lose
if anything, I think it'd be like the ones ~20 years ago
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Yeah, WWIII is way too much of an exaggeration. It just looks like Twitter users who are slightly joking and/or extremely overreacting.
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So many people are jumping to conclusions. We can't know there's gonna be a World War 3, we can only speculate. I don't understand why there are so many people that are convinced they'll be drafted or a WW3 will start. Unless it's another stupid meme.
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I honestly think all the WW3 stuff is an overreaction fueled by the power of memes. Yes, this is a serious situation, but everyone stands to lose from a world war.
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