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How to have more vegetables?
Recently I saw a TV program saying that Japan consumes the least amount of vegetables of developed countries.
So I thought how to consume more, with low salary. (I actually am a student, and have never done part time jobs yet)

My mother told me that she, as well as my grandmother, works for low salary (tbma my mother is prohibited towork)

Any ideas?
If you actually mean low salary instead of zero you can always buy a carrot or something and cook it at home.

But you don't necessarily need to eat more vegetables. It doesn't mean anything that a TV program says the country eats the least vegetables, since that doesn't mean YOU don't eat enough vegetables. The fact remains, for example, that Japan has one of the longest lifespans in the world. Unless you're experiencing symptoms or actually eat very little vegetable, there's no need to be concerned about this at all.

And you shouldn't start thinking you need to do something everytime some guy on TV says something. TVs aren't always right and many of them only try to influence people for their interests anyway, so they aren't always trustworthy either. Not to mention NHK specifically are a bunch of assholes.
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Are you already eating vegetables regularly? If not, there's probably some cheap ones at a nearby supermarket.

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