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Random thought
As I've mentionned in the past, I find that extensively using smartphones and the like usually has a negative influence on my clarity of mind.
Last week-end, I've proposed to a friend to go out for a quick walk. At the end of the walk, it felt like I was so little focused that I barely had the impression that I had actually walked with him. I could repeat what we had spoken of, but I didn't feel like we truly had shared time together, it was over in the blink of an eye and I was back to planning stuff. It kinda feels like I'm always expecting some message, and although I reckon that's not making me happy I'm still checking it every minute or so.
So, to put it shortly, having a smartphone does enable me to see my friends more frequently, but when I do it doesn't feel like the connection is nearly as good as it could've been before.
You might have some sort of addiction.

Try leaving your phone at home, and see if it changes anything for you.
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This is pretty common, because the way in which people communicate through technology is different to how you communicate in person. If you've gotten too used to only interacting with people through the Internet, then it makes sense that you may have to re-learn how to connect with people in person.

It would probably help to make a conscious effort to avoid looking at your phone when you're out with other people, and also to organise activities that force you to be active (like playing a sport, card games, etc.). It takes practice, but eventually over time you'll notice a difference and it will become easier Smile

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I'm not completely sick; as you've said Ena I believe this is fairly common. I think most people don't mind, or maybe they can bear better with it.
Anyhow, I don't spend too much time on my phone - I don't have any social media, and I spend an average of fifteen minutes a day watching random vids on youtube (not counting music). I know how to connect with people in person most of the time, I see people quite often - actually, staying alone for merely a couple of days sometimes makes me anxious.
It's just, very occasionally, checking my notifications too often makes my brain go nuts. I was wondering if anyone else here has come to the same conclusions.

For the anecdote, one day, I was walking with a friend a bit blind in Paris, and asked someone for an indication of where to go. He inquired: "you don't have a phone?"; we answered, kind of embarassed, that we preferred not to use one right now. He laughed rather bitterly and answered that he understood, and that god only knew what these phones where doing to our brains.
On the other hand, I know people who can manage perfectly fine the huge amount of notifications they get - they're completely unaffected.
I like taking long walks around the city, and I often check my phone (and sometimes even have lengthy conversations!) while doing so. I can't say I've had any troubles from doing so.
It basically comes down to how good you are at multitasking. I generally check my phone without any issues while doing other stuff, including being with other people. (Occasionally I've had to ask the other people for a minute or two to respond to something, but that's rare, and they generally understand.)
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