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Recently I found out my favorite group of idols.
It's called Strawberry Prince. Today the livestream of a live with hashtag #すとぷり無観客ライブ生配信 was streamed.

When did I find the being of the group at first? Perhaps when I used to be tweeting and finding the trends of the day one day, if I remember correctly. Then, Jel's lots of comedies made me lofl a lot. After then, found my favorite song called Welcome back Love. ...What a difficult thing for me to remember and tweet how I have been interested in Strawberry Prince.

Ps. This is the link to the livestream
Troll account?
[Image: tauros.gif][Image: bouffalant.gif]

(2020-03-22 15:47:51)DD667 Wrote: Troll account?

Wait, am I? If so, I had to change my username because of the reason. Also, if you meant the livestream, the idols prefer not to reveal their faces so easily.
Since ax6 warned me, I am considering to post blogs or something similar out of the AF.
The warning was for posting blogs in Japanese.
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

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Exactly. When I posted the post in such the language, I was also insane as well as my mother raged. I did not translate what I saw into English, then it was an inappropriate doing. Should have I calmed down a bit.
Now what happened in this house is already over, I also gotta carry on.

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