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why does nothing exist
1. haven't kept in contact with any friends made in school
2. haven't kept in contact with any friends made in college
3. only made one friend in total in the last year of college
4. actually never had a single conversation with any other person in last year of college
5. failed last year of college which i didn't know because i wasn't sent results and found out months after i was meant to making it too late to apply for the same course elsewhere so i had to wait a year and now that i can do it again there is a quarantine
6. don't think i've even made any new friends online since 2018
7. can't find new places to meet people online
8. realising how long ago some of the things i did online are and getting sad cause things i do online aren't meant to be old
9. god d*mn look at this i can't believe i used to think of him as a cool older kid
10. i am not funny
11. i am not smart
12. i have no outstanding qualities
13. i've been producing since 2012 and started college for production in 2015 or 2016 and i can't even make anything sound good
14. i didn't realise until last night that the job i want after if i get a bachelor's degree i would be almost 30 and when i started college i thought i might've been able to apply for it at 20
15. i've been going on the same like 4 websites for the past 4 years and can't find anything new
16. i don't think i've fully enjoyed doing something for the past at least 2 years
17. why is everyone into politics
18. when i rejoined this forum in 2016 (i was a regular in the irc before in 2012 and the router i am currently using is the same as one i had back then so my ip might be the same which made me worry about the next part) i didn't want to be associated with my old account so when i was asked for my old name i gave a name i used in other forums so i wouldn't be heavily judged immediately but now i don't actually remember my jv name in the first place
19. i have always heavily been into music more than anything so when i got discord i looked for music servers more than anything and you'd think it would be cool to have all these active music chats with so many people but i couldn't go a single day without multiple people getting angry at me and arguing with me because i don't like some album or band they like and nothing has changed, i had never even had a single argument like that before i had discord and now it became a regular occurrence
20. i lost track of what i was doing with this post
21. twitch is still a garbage
22. isn't it weird how only a few years ago there were extremely racist and unrepentant neo-nazi subreddits and not many people had any issue with them being there at all, the issue was just what the users thought and not that they had a gathering place
23. actually i think i remember my jv profile url number but not the actual names i used
24. starting to regret deleting obsessively deleting every post i made after the threads they're in died down, which is something i did in every forum and did it somewhat in discord until late 2017. i still do it with reddit but that doesn't matter because it's reddit and also don't let anyone know i have a reddit account
25. pontoty accepted my psn friend request in 2013 but we never ended playing anything together. messed up
26. messed up how you can't post things like this anymore cause they're too old
27. really messed up
28. why is caramelldansen the only one that's becoming popular again that was the worst one
29. twitch is a garbage
30. i've been wanting to learn japanese since 5 years ago and have been learning since 4 years ago but have been so inconsistent and have went months at a time without learning and still am learning the basics. messed up
31. i want to join a japanese discord but can't even read any kanji yet. messed up
32. messed up

anyway buy my album

tl;dr i want friends

33. feeling awkward being in a discord server with people who are the same age i was when i made a discord account because i feel like i'm too old to be there. messed up
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messed up.
Let's have a chat! send me your discord id or something, or skype if you want to avoid discord

@cute you're browsing this thread so send me a pm when you notice my reply, I don't bite
I knew exactly who you were when you joined. Now I can't remember your JV username, though.
If you need to contact me for any reason, or if you have any questions, concerns, problems or requests, message me here or email me at

This forum has been around for (loading...)
I remember your main JV username (you had a lot) was "The Blueberry Man" and forms of it like "tbbm". I can also never forget that at one point your name was the URL for my blog post, "So Close for Yu."
[Image: ebvLbre.jpg]
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yeah the blueberry man is definitely not me, i joined jv in late 2011 or early 2012 and i think they joined a while after that
don't rember
not rembering
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Shit, I messed up. Got confused with all of the username changes.
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still waiting for you to accept that friend request on discord!
i accepted it yesterday
i was going to send something in dms but i couldn't think of anything to post
I will always remember you <3

But yeah, like Ilraon also said, feel free to connect w/ me on Discord, I'm on it too! PM me and we can trade IDs or the like.
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Maybe you should stop focusing on what’s going wrong in your life and get yourself together so that you can improve yourself and attain the goals you set to achieve. Self-pity won’t get you anywhere. Hope you manage to improve things in the future

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.

(2020-04-09 03:01:21)Uptight 534 Wrote: I remember your main JV username (you had a lot) was "The Blueberry Man" and forms of it like "tbbm". I can also never forget that at one point your name was the URL for my blog post, "So Close for Yu."

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