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Are filters bad?
Some websites use very inadequate form of swear filters to filter out swear words. If you filter out entire words without the consideration of context, you get a lot of stupid results. For example, do you think censoring the word "ass" is a good idea? Well, that means no one can say grass, glass, bass, Massachussetts, assassin, and so much more. What about anus? You'll be censoring manuscript, Octavianus and others.

What is the most ridiculous swear filter you've come across on the web?
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Funk-master you piece of shewet. Obviously joking

My father's friend is a writer for a newspaper (United States for reference). One time he wrote an article about the New Zealand rugby team. At the end of writing the draft, the company's spell-check/auto-correct algorithm had about ten auto-corrections of "All Blacks" to "All African-Americans."
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Blind filtering is always bad.

In general, filtering words is a broken concept; doing so automatedly can only result in problems.
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I returned cause I want to complain about the worst swear filter I've ever seen: Neopets. Roblox is bad too, but I'm more familiar with Neopets' filter.

Basically, on Neopets, you can't say words that have bad words in them.

You can't say skill because it contains "kill".

You can't say grape for a similar reason. Even though there's items on the site that contain grape, so you literally can't chat about certain items.

You can't say uncle anywhere on Neopets. Don't know what the shit that's about.

You can't say hole in the guild chat. lol

You can't say nuts, you can't say cucumber, you can't say basement, you can't say drunk, you can't say canal.

You can't say seaweed or tweed because it contains weed. You can't say crack either, even though that's a fairly common word.

You can't say something because it contains "meth". Another common word.

What an absolutely terrible filter system. The only one I can think of that rivals it is Roblox, but that's full of young kids. You have to be 13 to chat on the message boards of Neopets.
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when i was 8 i went to start a match in stick arena and called the room "cucumber" and it said i used a censored word and i didn't understand what happened until i was 14 or 15. well i didn't even know the word it was censoring until i was 14
The concept of a filter isn't bad, but how many are implemented are bad (e.g. just saying "oh this contains a bad word so filter the word", even if the word itself is perfectly fine).

I think if there is a filter it should be able to be turned on and off (like in PR2, although the criteria for on/off can depend on the situation), I think PR2's filter is good since it's not over the top and you can filter it on and off, so you're allowed to swear (as long as it's not misspelt) but if someone has the filter on, they don't see filtered words. That way, just ban people trying to get around it cos they only seek destruction (if you're gonna swear and there's a filter, do it properly so people with the filter on don't have to see it lol).

tbh I don't remember any crazy filters but a lot of the games I played were long ago so there were probably some awful filters in there lol

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