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Port of Mario 64 released
Somebody just made a port of Mario 64 for the PC and uploaded it onto the Internet. I'm not gonna give you a link, but it's out there, and it's pretty cool.

Who knows what can come from this! I'm hoping for better camera controls with analog input, like a joystick or mouse. The C-button camera controls of the original game is probably the worst thing about the game, in my opinion.
[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]
I think it was made a long time ago, really. (I don't pay any attention to that chat except when they ping me...)
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They learned from past mistakes and released it without warning, before Nintendo could hit em with a C&D
[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]
So did they make the camera better or not? Because I totally agree with you about the c button camera in the N64 version, it was complete ass.
Well for now all they've done is make a completely identical port to the PC with support for higher resolutions and graphical improvements like ray tracing. I haven't seen any camera updates yet

Hold on, I just found a YouTube video demonstrating camera movements. Where to download? I have no idea.

[Image: gWu2Jq2.jpg]
Oh that camera is amazing. Much better than the shite on the console.

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