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How not to rage loudly at my mother's terrible experiences whenever she talks?
These days she often talks her experiences other people such as former doctor, my father, and my father's mother, ruined her mental state. Whenever she speaks her terrible experiences, I also have a terrible habit that I rage with loud voice to her story, as if I experienced and as if it were my obligation. Then what I rage makes her get worse and my grandmother and her scolds me for what I do. How should I improve this habit? They say I am preventing my mother from remembering and speaking her experiences she has ever sealed because of not having a place where she may speak.

Also have I ever talked what gave her mental disease that country (I think) certificate? In case I haven't yet, my father's previous wife (actually a criminal person) and her daughter (the woman forced my mother to take care of her daughter because attracting men were more important than her daughter for her), at first, gave her mental disease. Then my father's mother taught her something that is completely against my mother's willing. My father never cared for my mother in terrible situation.
Now my mother has a woman attending physician, but she used to have a man physician. He also gave here terrible treatment, such as saying, "NO BEING LAZY ALLOWED, HOWEVER TERRIBLE YOUR SANITARY IS!", "HOUSEWIVES HAS NO MONEY!", "OBEY YOUR HUSBAND, NO MATTER WHAT!", and so on, without trying to understand in what situation she used to be on.
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thats honestly kinda admirable, i've never been so passionate about something that i uncontrollably shout about it
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Why admirable? Whenever I rage, it makes her very uncomfortable.
well yeah that part isn't very admirable
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