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Do you like shopping?
I have no idea how shopping makes people happy or some emotional; if you do like, I'd like you to convince me why shopping is fun.
I like going out of the house sometimes
but I will never do it without a goal and that goal is going to the shop
so it gives me a reason to walk outside which makes me less bored (can't do it atm tho cos situation)

and when I get very bored it makes me sad, so going to the shop can prevent that
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Not really. I find it quite boring.
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I love shopping in malls cause the ambiance is amazing. Also, video game stores. I can look in those for hours.

Forgot about antique stores. I like looking for bird statuettes in those.
I would like to go shopping.

Sometimes people just like to get out and do something different. I find it quite relaxing walking around a mall and window-shopping in stores (generally, I do not purchase anything).
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I like window-shopping for stuff I'm interested in, generally in bookshops or game shops. I hate shopping for clothes.
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Remembered my mother likes window-shopping too.

Before the coronavirus spreading, how often did she go shopping? Can't remember well.
No. If I want something I'll just order it online.
Yes, i like having new things

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