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Is it REALLY a taboo to make a comedy to criticize/irony politics?
Saw an article that talented people whom we see on TV mentioning something about politics are bashed and it is impliedly said to be a taboo. But is that REALLY so, even general people does?
Your country can be really weird at times. Political comedy is a very common genre elsewhere.
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Wait, what!?
in japan it’s more common to respect people purely because of their position, authority or age and speaking against someone who is in a successful position such as politician is seen as rude and a bad thing, but in most countries (or at least most western countries) these things don’t overtake what strong opinions people personally have of them or their ideas

political satire is a very common thing and isn’t seen as disrespectful or taboo. it serves the same purpose as comedy based on social issues, and while it isn’t as common in japan there are still many mainstream examples of it that i don’t think were controversial in japan, the first one i can think of being shin godzilla
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I've seen a few shows here about this lol
maybe it's diff in diff places but it's a common topic to have a joke at here

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