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Life is ok I guess?
I found out that my source of happiness is spending time with people, chatting or playing games. I have data so I can semi-dodge the bad internet with that.

I also found it I'm extroverted and not introverted except I feel closer with my internet friends than my real life friends.

Studies are doing ok.

I plan to emmigrate to spain in 4 years after I graduate, since Argentina is socialist now and my dad is complicated.

My internet boyfriend is supporting me financially and I got an AC so I don't feel heatstroke by the almost 40C here.

My life is in a very weird state right now but I don't feel suicidal or depressed anymore so I guess it's better, I'm also growing as a person in some matters (Better social skills, more confident)

Also, I'm learning how to draw and I'm writing a book.
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