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Dumb things you did as a kid?
I used to think transgenders wanting to be called by different pronouns was a call for attention, probably because it's not common in my country and I was very aggressive and dumb, then when I grew up I realized it doesn't really hurt anyone so I'm fine with it.
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When my mother told me that she wanted to divorce my father, I replied, "I don't want you to do so". Never should I have done that; I was 14.
stare at the sun, my eye sight is great now.
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(2020-07-19 12:41:40)BooMT Wrote: stare at the sun, my eye sight is great now.
Fucking ouch dude, I'm sorry.
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So me and my friends used to sexual harass each other and thought it was funny. Wed literally grab each others dicks as a joke. I was like 7 at the time
I remembered! It was in swimming school, why had I thought of tasting other boy's tongue together?
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Playing platform racing 2 without EXP hat

You taught me love, you taught me life, you taught me yemlo.

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I had tooken a screw driver and stuck it into another kid arm.

                                               life is a ? ¡s it

confussed isnt u  

Here's another one that happened here: A few years ago I posted a blog regarding some kid who was still learning english, so anyway, he asked if his english was bad so I replied with "I... Guess???" which was my way of sounding unsure and just going along with the conversation.

This resulted in the kid snapping and threatening to kill me, so I posted screenshots here (I censored his name) but two users said I was being an asshole and started mocking me about it.

I think my inability to explain myself might have been because of aspergers, but at least I learned that next time I should just say something like "Nah, it isn't that bad, I can understand it."

I wish I could tell those guys I didn't have any malicious intents behind that.
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Basically every post I made on JV qualifies.

I lied about having epilepsy, I lied about having an abusive parent, I called multiple people ugly and/or stupid, lied about being transgender, spammed random threads to bolster my post count... I even made an alt called Smurfette so I could chat back and forth with myself to raise my post count even higher. I often skipped school so I could spend the day at home on JV. Just look at my Time Online here, you'll see how obsessive I am with forums. It was even worse when I was a kid because it distanced myself from actual relationships. It completely destroyed my social life as a kid. I distanced myself from irl friends so I could troll random people on JV. Then I ended up graduating high school with one actual friend. The sad thing is, I know I still have this problem as an adult. 

I remember arguing in Ask a Mod about getting my username changed because it was the reward for my counting thread. Anyone remember that "Count to _____!" thread? That was me. I kept asking mods to change the title of the thread. I used to make multiple alts to thank my own posts to bolster my thank count. I'm sure ax6 remembers some of the shit I did, because he dealt with me a lot in Ask a Mod back then. It's too hard to remember everything stupid I did as a kid on JV, cause I had 8k+ posts on there. I always played victim on JV, I always acted like a sensitive snowflake, but then I'd turn around and treat people lousy. I used to mock people's drawings in Artistry Orchard, then I'd beg other people to make a comic with me in it. I made an alt account to pretend that they were my significant other. 

I remember making a big dramatic post attacking ASilva93 for "not liking me" as my last post on JV. It feels awkward looking at usernames and remembering instances where I was a jerk to them, but I was a jerk to pretty much everyone. I just don't remember most of the instances. I treated most of the mods like garbage which eventually got me up to 4 infractions. I remember reporting a VM Pirate sent me on my Sheepit account where he called me Smurfette, and it got him banned. I put "Harassment" as the report reason. I used to attack other users because they lied about their gender, which is hypocritical considering I also lied about my gender. I called out Akan and Player Z for that. I remember when people discovered posts of me referring to myself as a guy, I made a long post about being transgender instead of fessing up. One user, I think Arella, even apologized for claiming I was a guy, and I forgave them. That's right, I forgave them for calling me what I am.

I'd try to think of some non-JV dumb things I did in life as a kid, but JV was my life as a kid. I wasn't any nicer in real life than I was on JV, that's all I know. I did the same bullying, name-calling, insulting, and whatever else that I did on JV. So yeah, that's the dumb things I've done as a kid. I could probably think of more if I tried, but I think this post is long enough.
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I believed 'the force' was real and that if I tried hard enough I could double jump irl
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